Chicken Life Cycle Activity

Who loves chickens? This Chicken Life Cycle Activity is the perfect way to help the kids understand how chickens are born and how they grow! The fun part about this life cycle activity is that the kids are going to be learning and creating with their hands.

You can totally use this as a learning activity or a fun way to be creative, too. The kids will LOVE being able to take charge and be a part of this activity – they might even be able to do it on their own!

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chicken life cycle activity

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Chicken Life Cycle Activity

Are you looking for a fun hands-on activity for the kids? It doesn’t get much better than this! They’ll get to create the entire life cycle with their very own hands!

All you need is a little bit of playdough, some construction paper, and a paper plate – and the kids will have a blast creating the life cycle of a chicken!

Spend a little bit of time talking to them about the entire life cycle and then step back and see what they can do. They’ll have a blast, they’ll be working with their hands and minds, and they’ll be so good at it! Plus their confidence will shine!

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Recommended Chicken Life Cycle Books for Kids

If you want your child to get more knowledge about chickens before you start the Chicken Life Cycle Activity, these books are amazing sources. They include useful information and colorful pictures, too.

Check out these fun books about chickens! These books have real facts in them that will show them exactly what chickens can do! These books are great in helping the kids learn about chickens in a fun way.

Books are the perfect supplement to any topic because books open up so many doors. Some children are visual learners, some are more hands-on, and some just like to try it all.

We tend to keep a large variety of books in our house at all times because I want the kids to know that they can grab a book at any point in time that they want and snuggle down and read.

I love sitting back and turning the pages in the book with them, watching their minds grow and explore. The great thing about books is that they can always teach the kids something different at different times that they’re reading them.

Check out some of the books below. These are great options to have in the house or you can always add in some of your other favorites!

Where Do Chicks Come From? (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)Where Do Chicks Come From? (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)Egg to Chicken (Growing Up) (Paperback) (Explore the Life Cycle!)Egg to Chicken (Growing Up) (Paperback) (Explore the Life Cycle!)Chickens (Science Kids: Life Cycles)Chickens (Science Kids: Life Cycles)Chickens (Life Cycles)Chickens (Life Cycles)The Life Cycle of a Chicken (Watch Them Grow!)The Life Cycle of a Chicken (Watch Them Grow!)Life Cycle of a Chicken (Pogo Books: Incredible Animal Life Cycles)Life Cycle of a Chicken (Pogo Books: Incredible Animal Life Cycles)


See this full list of Chicken Books for Kindergarten for more ideas.

What is the life cycle of a chicken?

The life cycle of a chicken is split into four phases. It starts with the egg, goes to the chick, followed by the pullet, and then ends with the chicken phase.

While it’s important for them to learn about the life cycle visually, it’s also important to teach the correct words, too. You can write down the life cycle words and have the kids trace them or write them out on their own.

chicken life cycle activity

What color of playdough do you need to use?

That’s up to you! The chicken should be yellow – unless they want to be creative and use other colors! Let this be a lesson full of fun and creativity!

Recommended Chicken Themed Toys for Kids

Are you looking for more chicken-themed activities or games for your kids? These products from Etsy are great choices if you want to extend the Chicken Life Cycle Activity.

Don’t forget that you can easily add in some fun chicken toys as well! Below are some great ideas that the kids will have a blast with! You can use these as fun learning tools or as great presents for holidays, birthdays, and more!

Using books and toys with learning just makes the experience a lot of fun for the kids. Throughout all my years of teaching the kids at home, I’ve found that they love having options when it comes to learning. These ideas listed below are just a few to choose from!

This is also a great way to talk to them about the type of learning that they like! That way, you can get prepared for even more fun learning ideas that will keep the kids entertained!

chicken life cycle tray
parts of a chicken wooden puzzle

What are some other fun ways to learn about chickens?

Get out and about and go find some chickens! The best way to learn about chickens is to see them! Visit local farms and let the farmers teach as well.

If you can see some real chickens that are in the various life cycle stages, that would be perfect for real-world learning, too! There are so many fun options.

life cycle of a chicken

This is one fun learning activity that the kids will have a blast doing over and over again! Challenge them to see if they can create any other life cycles.

Looking for more farm-themed activities? You can teach your kindergartener about farms in a fun and engaging way with these farm activities for kindergarten.

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Speaking of more life cycle learning, here are some of the other favorites that we think you’ll love, too!

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