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Chicken Life Cycle Worksheets for Kids

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Reading to learn more about chickens? This Chicken Life Cycle Worksheets for Kids are a great way to dive into the life cycle of chickens and learn all about them.

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Who doesn’t love chickens? We have always wanted to have our own chickens just for the eggs. They’re everywhere and they’re the most common form of birds on earth as they have been raised for meat and eggs for thousands of years.

Since they’re so common, it makes it really easy to study them. Why not learn what you can about them and then you can visit a farm or petting zoo to observe them in person. Use these chicken life cycle worksheets for kids to see how they grow through each stage.

Chicken Life Cycle Worksheets

Chicken Life Cycle Worksheets for Kids

When it comes to learning about chickens, there really is a lot to learn. People tend to look at chickens and think that they’re just one dimensional and easy to understand but in all reality, it’s not that simple.

Chickens are used for food, for pets, or just sometimes as something to raise on the farm for chickens and other chore activities.

And if you’re ever raised chickens or took care of chickens, you know that they’re quite an interesting animal to watch.

The Truth About Chickens

Chickens have a lot of different purposes, for sure. Raising them on the farm means that more than likely you’re going to sell them or consume them for later. But during that process, it’s important to educate the kids on the life cycle of chickens.

The truth is – chickens are used for a wide variety of things.

You can dissect a whole one as you’re preparing dinner, nothing will go to waste. You can do some fun egg experiments to show how strong their shells are or what they’re made of. And that’s just some of the ways that you can use chickens and their eggs!

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Parts of a chicken worksheet

Life Cycle Worksheets Supplies

All you have to do to use this simple printables is literally print them off to get started! Below are the simple supplies that you’ll need:

Learn about the different life stages of chicken and label the parts of a chicken too.

Recommended chicken life cycle books for kids

Read these great chicken life cycle books to see how a chicken grows from an egg to an adult who can lay eggs herself.

Chickens (Life Cycles)Chickens (Life Cycles)Chickens (Life Cycles)The Life Cycle of a Chicken (Watch Them Grow!)The Life Cycle of a Chicken (Watch Them Grow!)The Life Cycle of a Chicken (Watch Them Grow!)Egg to Chicken (Life Cycles)Egg to Chicken (Life Cycles)Egg to Chicken (Life Cycles)Chicks & ChickensChicks & ChickensChicks & Chickens

Life cycle of a chicken vocabulary cards

To extend this activity, add in your favorite life cycle books, and watch a video of a chicken hatching out of an egg or of it developing inside the egg. Create a sensory bin if you have the life cycle of chicken toys to show how they progress through each stage.

Life cycle of a chicken worksheets

You can talk about how we eat unfertilized eggs and discuss how eggs are fertilized when there’s a rooster around.

Drawing of a chicken by a child

My daughter enjoys updating her notebook with drawings from the topics we’re learning. She drew this chicken laying eggs. I think this allows her creative side to shine in science which can be more technical or straight forward.

Don’t forget to grab your free chicken life cycle printable! Once you print it off, the kids will have fun learning all about how a chicken is created and born!

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  2. So many great books! My favorite of these would probably be Pride and Prejudice. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer for all the antics, adventure and imagination. We also finished reading aloud Heidi a few months ago and enjoyed discussing all of the emotions she must have felt being shuffled around from one home to another, experiencing different life styles and environments.

  4. I read a lot of these in high school, and now that I homeschool my kids I can make sure they dont miss out on titles like these.

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