Frog Life Cycle Activities

Kids love frogs, but most of them want to learn more about their life cycle. Here’s a big list of fun frog life cycle activities your kids will love to try.

Frogs are amazing creatures with an interesting life cycle, here’s a collection of engaging activities that will get your kids excited about learning.

Want even more activities, see this list of fun life cycles for kids.

This list of Frog Life Cycle Activities is filled with ideas for fun frog activities that will help your kids learn more about these cool creatures. I’ve included crafts, games, and even a snack so you can enjoy some frog-themed fun together.

One of the best ways to learn about something is to experience it firsthand, and with frogs that means getting muddy!

frog life cycle activities

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What are the stages of a frog life cycle?

Frogs go through four stages during their life cycle- egg, tadpole, froglet, and adult. You can find eggs near ponds and other bodies of water, and you can watch the process of metamorphosis as the tadpoles turn into adult frogs.

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Recommended Frog Life Cycle Books for Kids

Frogs are amazing creatures and there is a lot to learn about them, so if you’re looking for more information be sure to check out some of these recommended frog books.

National Geographic Readers: Tadpole to Frog (L1/Co-reader)National Geographic Readers: Tadpole to Frog (L1/Co-reader)How Does a Frog Grow? (Life Cycle Board Books)How Does a Frog Grow? (Life Cycle Board Books)Teacher Created Materials - TIME For Kids Informational Text: A Frog's Life - Grade 1 - Guided Reading Level ETeacher Created Materials – TIME For Kids Informational Text: A Frog’s Life – Grade 1 – Guided Reading Level ELife Cycle Of A Frog: Let's learn about life cycle of a frog through this educational book especially made for kidsLife Cycle Of A Frog: Let’s learn about life cycle of a frog through this educational book especially made for kidsFrom Tadpole to Frog (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)From Tadpole to Frog (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1)Tadpole to Frog (Science for Toddlers)Tadpole to Frog (Science for Toddlers)


Frog Life Cycle Worksheets

The first in the list is the Frog Life Cycle Worksheets which focuses on learning every stage of a frog’s life cycle plus a great informative illustration of a frog’s body parts. This is a great addition to your homeschool materials.

collage of frog life cycle activities

Recommended Frog Life Cycle Toys

Frogs are very interesting animals. These toys can make young learners love frogs more through play.

wooden frog life cycle

Frog Life Cycle Activities

A great list of activities to try with your kids for them to effectively learn about a frog's life cycle and their body parts.

Were you able to find a fun frog life cycle activity to do with your child?

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