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Ant Life Cycle Worksheets

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Looking for an educational way to study ants? These Ant Life Cycle Worksheets are perfect! If you spend any time outside with the kids, I’m certain that you’ve come across a ton of ants!

Ants, who doesn’t love them? They’re the least creepy bugs out there which means they’re my favorite by default next to ladybugs. Get your science on with these adorable ant life cycle worksheets to get your kids acquainted with ants.

My kids love heading outdoors and following these little ants around. They enjoy watching them and trying to find their ant hill. As a homeowner, I like them just as much as anyone outside of the house…but inside? They are a pest and need to be gotten rid of. The kids don’t like this but sorry…ant infestations are not a thing I want to deal with because of their sheer numbers.

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Ant Life Cycle Worksheets

Ant Life Cycle Worksheets

One thing about ants that I find interesting? The ant life cycle consists of four stages: the egg, larvae, pupa, and adult. The ant can become a worker (female), male, or the queen herself. Pretty cool, right?

These ant life cycle worksheets will not only teach your child about ants, but you may actually learn a bit of information as well! You’re never too old to join in on the learning fun!

Plus, you can literally head out the front door and explore and see tons of ants all over the yard. We’ve done this numerous times and it’s a great way to combine learning, moving our bodies, and fun.

We even add in some counting as well where the kids count up as many ants as they can find in a short period of time. They love the friendly competition and I love that they’re working on their numbers.

Then crawl over and check out more Free Insect Worksheets for Kids! You can use these to make an entire insect learning lesson for the kids!

Parts of an ant worksheet

Recommended Ant Life Cycle Books for Kids

See how the ants grow with these fun books about their life cycle. Aren’t picture books are so much more fun? (don’t worry, we love to read the words, too!)

These ant books listed below are some of our favorites and they all vary enough from one another to keep them interesting and engaging. We’ve read them all and still go back and read some of these again.

They’re good for referencing and expanding our knowledge more about ants.

 Are You an Ant? (Backyard Books)Are You an Ant? (Backyard Books) The Lives of AntsThe Lives of Ants Amazing Ants: A 4D Book (Little Entomologist 4D)Amazing Ants: A 4D Book (Little Entomologist 4D) The Life Cycle of Army Ants (Creepy Crawlies)The Life Cycle of Army Ants (Creepy Crawlies)

Ant Life Cycle Worksheets Supplies

Don’t forget to gather up the supplies listed below:

Print out the sheets onto computer paper, then your student cut out the words and glue them onto the printable or choose to write them on, their choice. I have someone here who loves to cut so she enjoys cutting them out and gluing them on.

Ant life cycle 3 part cards

Recommended Ant Life Cycle Toys

If you can’t get outside to follow some ants, try grabbing one of these ant life cycle kits to learn more about them. We love to use any type of learning toy that will help the kids grasp the concept.

These would also be great for fun holiday gifts, birthday presents, and more! The more that you can add to learning toys, the better!

What I love about these ant toys is that you can use them to have a creative and imaginative play at home. Some days we use them for learning and other days we use them for just fun.

 Ant Life Cycle Toy – 4 Piece Set Shows Life Cycle Of An AntAnt Life Cycle Toy - 4 Piece Set Shows Life Cycle Of An Ant 9 Pack INSECT LORE ANT LIFE CYCLE STAGES9 Pack INSECT LORE ANT LIFE CYCLE STAGES Young Scientist Club The Magic School Bus Explore The Wonders of NatureYoung Scientist Club The Magic School Bus Explore The Wonders of Nature NAVADEAL Ant Farm Castle for Kids – Habitat Educational & Science Kit Toy – Allows Study of Ant’s Behavior & Ecosystem with The 3D Maze of Translucent Gel, Great Gift Idea (Live Ants Not Included)NAVADEAL Ant Farm Castle for Kids - Habitat Educational & Science Kit Toy - Allows Study of Ant’s Behavior & Ecosystem with The 3D Maze of Translucent Gel, Great Gift Idea (Live Ants Not Included)

As you can see from the worksheets below, the kids will really have a chance to learn the life cycle of ants. Not only will they get to put the life cycle in motion but they’re going to learn the correct words as well.

Ant life cycle worksheet

Don’t forget to grab your Ant Life Cycle Worksheets here!

These printables are as simple as printing them off and getting starting! Print off the worksheets below.

Don’t forget to heat out the door and see how many ants you can find! It’s so much fun to find ants and see their anthills and to have a blast searching for them as well! You can use that process to talk to the kids about the ant life cycle and see what they remembered from the lesson.

Loved this sample of ant life cycle worksheets? Grab the Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Ant Life Cycle for the full set of ant life cycle activities.

Includes a word search, coloring pages, interactive notebook elements, and more. This is such a great life cycle activity for the kids that really can be great for all ages. Print out and let them have fun learning all about ants! They’ll love having their own printable packet.


More Life Cycle Worksheets

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Life Cycle Activities for Kids

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