Ants Crafts for Preschoolers

Allow me to introduce you to the wonderful world of ants crafts for preschoolers! Not only are they entertaining and great learning opportunities, but they’re also super fun.

If your kids loved this list, they’ll surely love this list of fun ant activities for kids!

There are several ways to explore the many uses of ants with these easy DIY projects, have your preschooler draw their own ant, make a 3D paper ant, or create ant puppets.

And who knows? Maybe from there, your kids can even start a nature journal about all sorts of bugs around your backyard! So much potential awaits in this incredible list of crafts for preschoolers; let them boldly delve into it and get creative!

Ant Crafts for Preschoolers

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Why are ants important?

Ants aren’t just plentiful and fascinating insects, they also provide a number of benefits to the ecosystem around us.

Kids will love learning more about these hardworking little creatures in their homeschool lessons – not only are ants important for soil health, but they can help preserve a balance in the insect population by eating pest species. They also provide food for other animals such as lizards, birds, and amphibians.

In addition, ants contribute resources such as honeydew, a sugar-rich substance produced by aphids that is vital to the growth and health of plants. With so many great benefits from having ants around us, kids will have plenty to learn and explore in their homeschool studies!

We could spend a whole afternoon observing the ants in our backyard, they’re sure a ton of fun to watch and if you can find an entrance to an anthill, they are always buzzing with activity.

Ant Crafts for Preschoolers

Enjoy an engaging ant story or book filled with ant facts from this list and learn more about the ant life cycle, habitat, and more!

Little Ant and the Dragonfly (Little Ant Books)Little Ant and the Dragonfly (Little Ant Books)Do Ants Wear Pants?: A Children's Rhyming Book (Rhyme Time)Do Ants Wear Pants?: A Children’s Rhyming Book (Rhyme Time)Are You an Ant? (Backyard Books)Are You an Ant? (Backyard Books)Anthill (Happy Fox Books) One-of-a-Kind Board Book Teaches Kids Ages 2–5 about AntsAnthill (Happy Fox Books) One-of-a-Kind Board Book Teaches Kids Ages 2–5 about AntsLittle Ant Goes to a Picnic (Little Ant Books)Little Ant Goes to a Picnic (Little Ant Books)The Ants Go Marching (Classic Books with Holes Board Book)The Ants Go Marching (Classic Books with Holes Board Book)


Teach your kids the importance of bugs through these bug activity kits! You’ll never know if your kid will grow up to be a dedicated entomologist.

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Ant Life Cycle

With spring around the corner, you’ll be able to follow those amazing creatures around to study them soon. They’re a fun insect to study and easily be found in your backyard.

Bug Catching Kit

Collect bugs and study them with this awesome bug-catching kit! From butterflies to ladybugs, your kids can grab their nets and catch them all!

Ants Crafts for Preschoolers

Let your kids' creativity delve into the world of ants! With these ant crafts for preschoolers, your kids can appreciate and cultivate a love for these tiny workers.

I hope you and your preschooler have had an exciting time exploring this list of ant crafts for preschoolers! Crafting can really bring out creativity in kids as they get to express themselves through art and encourage problem-solving skills.

Whether you take inspiration from the list we mentioned or create something completely out of the box, joining your child in their craft project will be sure to make lasting memories!

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