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Bug Counting Mats

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Get out your counters or bugs and have fun counting to ten with these bug counting mats. And after that, crawl over and check out more Free Insect Worksheets for Kids!

I love creating fun themed math worksheets that kids can use to learn. My daughter just eats these up. She’s not a fan of bugs, but these bugs are cute so she didn’t mind them.

We have these plastic bugs that my kids like to play with so we used them as math counters for my daughter’s counting mats. She had a lot of fun counting out her bugs. I showed her how to place it on the ten frame but she also like to add them to the pictures as well.

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Bug counting mats

Bug Counting Mats

The great thing about these bug counting mats is that they’re great for early learning. I love using various themed counting mats to help build number confidence and counting confidence in kids.

Since they’ll want to start learning how to count at an early age, it just makes sense to have a fun theme on hand that they’ll enjoy using. And while they may not be a fan of bugs per se, they’ll be able to appreciate that not all bugs are scary or “gross” and open their minds to talking about the different types of bugs with you as well.

Recommended Bug Books

Grab your favorite bug books to discover how bugs are roaming the earth, where do they like to hide and to learn more about your favorite bug.

I find that using books as a learning resource is just such a fun and simple way to reinforce a topic. Kids will love working on the worksheets to build their confidence and learning and then have even more fun diving into the various pages of the books as well.

Below are just a few of our favorite bug books for kids that I’m hoping you will like, too. There are so many great resources out there about bugs that are perfect for kids.

The Best Book of BugsTrThe Best Book of BugsThe Big Book of BugsThe Big Book of BugsHow Many Bugs in a Box?: A Pop-upHow Many Bugs in a Box?: A Pop-up

How to use the counting mats

Using counting mats isn’t hard and you can easily vary up how the process is done at your house. Below is what we’ve found works best for us but again, use whatever works. Some kids are motivated by different things and objects in their learning!

Use your favorite counters or math manipulatives, my daughter’s favorite are pom poms, you can use counting chips, bears, m&ms, it doesn’t matter. Get your kids counting up to 10 and have them place the counter in the 10 frame box.

You can also use these to addition and subtraction up to 10 as well. I like to say what is 4 more than 2 and my daughter has to count and add them up. Or 5 less than 8.

Download the Bug counting mats (10 pages) below:

Get the Bug Counting Mats Here >>

Once you click on the button, the file will automatically download to the download’s folder on your device.

You know how I like to do things, look out for more bug themed printables, I like to work on one theme before moving onto the next. In the mean time, take a look at my Princess Counting Cards or Pirate Counting Printables.

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  1. Exactly what I was looking for today!! My son is being very stubborn about learning to count. I came to the internet in search of something to use with our counters. Thank you so much for this!! 🙂

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