Bug Sensory Bin

Don’t miss out on this Bug Sensory Bin. A great way to have the kids work on feeling things and have fun playing with pretend bugs, too.

My daughter has been enjoying her sensory bin so since we’re headed into spring, well sort of I’m still in knee-high snow here in Canada, I created a bug sensory bin which is one of her favorite toddler activities.

This was a super simple sensory bin to put together once you have the rice already made. I have a huge box of plastic animals and bugs that I can now use in sensory bins since they no longer get played with as much on their own.

She could literally play with this for hours and use her imagination as well. The more pretend bugs, the better!

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bug sensory bin

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Bug Sensory Bin

This bug sensory bin activity is just really simple to put together. It’s as easy as grabbing the simple supplies below to get started. You can easily make this in a few short minutes of time and get ready for the kids to have fun playing with this fun sensory bin.

I’ve had people ask me what are the point of sensory bins and my answer is always the same. Sensory bins let kids explore with their hands and use their imagination as well. They’re a simple way for them to be creative in a fast and efficient way.

Sensory bins also help kids develop their fine motor skills too which is crucial for further development and learning activities in life.

I love to incorporate sensory bins into just about every topic or idea that we do as it’s a really easy way to have some hands on fun mixed in with all the learning activities.

This is just one of my favorite sensory bin activities but there are literally so many great choices to choose from!

Bug Sensory Bin Supplies

Below are the list of supplies that you need to make this simple bug sensory bin.

  • Green colored rice (How I color Rice)
  • Plastic insects, reptiles, amphibians
  • plastic rocks/trees

This is a great bin for those who are into bugs and creepy crawlies, which my son loved. However, my daughter wasn’t so impressed and she was happy to replace the bugs with dinosaurs instead. So the only shot I got of our bug box has dinosaurs in them. My son had fun burying the bugs and making the other bugs each other. A truly boy kind of play which he always enjoys.

Next time I’d love to try something with a sand texture like a cloud dough but I didn’t have enough flour for a full bin.

bug sensory bin

Fun Bug Books for Kids

Don’t forget to get bug books! You can easily find books that are all about bugs to read! These books are some of our favorites but there are great books that you can easily choose from.

If you’re ready for great book ideas, check out these fun options. They’re fast and simple to read and are full of fun bug facts. Add these books to your library today to spend some great reading time with the kids.

I’m all about reading with the kids as a fun learning experience. It’s such a great way to snuggle up and bond.

Books for Kids: I Love Bugs Most (Children'sBooks for Kids: I Love Bugs Most (Children’sBugs: A Stunning Pop-up Look at Insects, Spiders,Bugs: A Stunning Pop-up Look at Insects, Spiders,The Safety Bugs Say...: Children's Board Book (IThe Safety Bugs Say…: Children’s Board Book (I

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  1. Cool bin. It has just enough bugs to have the eww factor.

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