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Bug Counting Cards and Puzzles

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Hello Spring! Well, a girl can dream can’t she. We’re getting a huge storm tomorrow so that ain’t happening here. For the bug lovers, these adorable bug counting cards and puzzles will be a treat for them. And when you’re done with these, crawl over and check out more Free Insect Worksheets for Kids!

My kids love to search out bugs outside. They may not pick them up and play with them but going on a bug hunt is always a win. It must be the searching aspect of it because holding bugs has never been our thing. When it comes to this set though, my daughter was ecstatic.

My daughter is a huge fan of math worksheets so I have a ton of these on hand for them. My favorite part about these cards is that once they are prepped the first time, there is no need to stress over it later. These are easily used in many ways to help kids learn numbers 1 through 10.

There are many ways that these cards can be played with as well, so boredom won’t set in quickly like with some other activities.

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bug counting cards and puzzles

Bug Counting Cards and Puzzles

One of my favorite things about these counting cards and puzzles is the versatility. The many ways that kids can enjoy them, over and over! This is helpful because it will lessen the chances of them becoming bored.

The kids also love that they can use these cute little but cards for learning as well. Since there is usually such a silly thought process that bugs are gross, these cards showcase them in a fun way!


After printing the puzzles and counting cards, you can start by cutting the parts apart. I prefer to laminate each piece then. The purpose for lamination is that it extends the life of the activities. It also allows for a variety of play to occur.

How to use the Bug Counting Cards and Puzzles

For the counting cards: There’s so many ways you can use these. The most common way to use counting cards is with clothespins. Kids can clip the answers with the clothes pins. There are other options as well. You can have them circle the answer on the cards with dry eraser markers, place mini erasers over the correct answer, and cover them with a wooden tile.

For the number puzzles: These puzzles are perfect for children who are learning to recognize numbers and count from 1 to 10. These can be put in numerical order to visually show children the order of numbers. The other option is to mix up the numbers and have the child put them in the correct order.

These number games are perfect for children who are just beginning to learn one through ten or even for children who are on their way to quickly being able to add.

Recommended Bug Books for Kids

Here are some of our favorite books about bugs for kids. We love to read books that have bright colors and plenty of facts in them when it comes to bugs because this just then motivates us to get out the door and try to find them in nature.

We often combine a book or two with a nature hike and find that it’s a really fun activity together and a great way together the kids moving, too.

The Bug BookThe Bug BookBugs A to ZBugs A to ZNational Geographic Little Kids First Big Book ofNational Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of

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These math games are incredibly helpful for teaching children simple math. Plus the adorable Spring theme is just icing on the learning cake!

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