Ant Life Cycle Multiplication Cards

These Ant Life Cycle Multiplication Cards really do make learning math so much fun! 

Multiplying can be a challenging math topic to dive into. It is completely different from addition and subtraction but no less important. Trying to help a child understand multiplication can be difficult but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

These Ant Life Cycle Multiplication Cards are the perfect way to encourage fun and learning at the same time. We’ve been using clip cards like this for counting for a while now since my kids were just learning to count.

It is exciting to bring back the same idea of activity but bringing in a whole new level of learning. This printable activity is easy to prepare and can last for years. This is a fantastic activity to use in math centers in a classroom or for your own kids at home.

These are even great to take on the go or even can be an excellent activity for on the go.

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ant life cycle multiplication cards

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Ant Life Cycle Multiplication Cards

There are so many fun ways that you can use this multiplication activity with the kids. We’ve done this so many times and the kids never seem to get tired of it! 

Below are some simple ideas to get started right away:

You can have the student clip the correct answer with a clothespin, place a counter or manipulative on top of the answer, laminate them and have them write with a dry erase marker. My kids enjoy using the clothespins still so it’s an added fine motor activity paired with math.

What do these multiplication cards include? 

These printables include the 2 and 3 times tables up to 12. I was able to get it up to the 5 times table but will need to figure out a new way to do the larger numbers since they can get quite high.

My son had a tough time with multiplication so we did a lot of skip counting to get things going first. When my oldest was younger we had an online game that taught him how to multiply but it is no longer available to individuals, it was a wonderful learning tool for my son who loves video games and it made learning math fun.

Recommended Ant Life Cycle Resources

Looking for even more ant resources to combine with your ant learning activities? Check out these great resources to add! There are so many other great ways that you can supplement learning in your daily homeschooling lives. 

Make certain that you get outside as well and see how many ants the kids can see. This is a great way to get them outside and exploring and seeing how the ants interact and work. You might even be able to find an ant hill or two! 

We also practice our counting skills when we’re doing this and count up how many ants we see! Anything that you can do to have the kids learning while exploring is always a fun and simple idea to do! 

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Have fun with these fun ant printables! The kids are going to love being able to learn even more great things about ants! 

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    1. Yeah! I’m glad you’re finding it helpful.

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