Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Looking for some Fun Summer Activities for Kids to keep your kids occupied? We’ve got you covered! From making super bubbles and writing letters with sidewalk chalks to making crafts, we’ve gathered a bunch of ideas that will make your child’s summer unforgettable.

With all these fun-filled activities, you might find it hard to choose just one. But don’t worry – we’ve got something for everyone. So get ready to have some serious family fun this summer!

Check out this blog post to see the list of kids’ activities for summer!

summer activities for kids

Summer is a great time for kids to get outside and explore. There are so many fun summer activities for kids to enjoy, from swimming and playing in the park to going on nature hikes and fishing trips.

To help you make the most of summer with your kids, we’ve put together a list of our top summer activities for kids that are educational but will bring lots of fun!

So whether your little ones are looking for adventure or just some time to relax and play, we’ve got you covered. Plus, you can do these in the comfort of your home!

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Having these summer outdoor toys are a great way to have an amazing time this summer season. Take a look at these toys and prepare for a fun outdoor game that even the whole family will enjoy.

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Summer Activities for Kids

Here’s our amazing list of fun summer activities for kids that even grown-ups will enjoy.

Early Writing Ideas with Sidewalk Chalk

Kids will enjoy this outdoor activity. They can practice the alphabet and test their creativity, too.

Celebration Slime Recipe

Playing with slime is always fun! Check out this recipe that will help you make a sparkling slime.

How to Make Super Bubbles

If your child is in the mood for some outdoor fun, try this super bubbles recipe. Kids love it!

The Best Outdoor Building Blocks – A Chalk Adventure

Do you want some twist to the usual building blocks activity? Have your kids try these DIY building blocks and let them draw pictures depending to the theme they like using chalk.

Screen Free Activities for Kids and Checklists

Lessen your child’s screen time by trading it up with extremely fun and educational activities that will keep your kids occupied while having loads of fun.

Sunflower Activities for Kindergarten

Beat the heat of the sun with your highly energetic kids with these fun sunflower activities for kindergarten.

Father’s Day Coloring Pages

Discover my delightful printable Father’s Day Coloring Pages, perfect for sparking creativity and fine-tuning motor skills as kids enjoy personalizing a special gift for Dad!

Father’s Day Coupon Book

Looking for a creative gift for Father’s Day? My printable Father’s Day Coupon Book provides kids the perfect opportunity to express their love while learning about the joy of giving and the importance of thoughtful gestures.

Jello Play Dough Recipe: Seashell Theme

If you want a playdough activity that has something to do with summer, try this seashell theme that will make them feel like the summer beach.

Exciting Exploding Tea Party

Create a memorable tea party with this summer stem activity.

Science Experiments with Ice Cream

Discover the world of science with my delightful list of Ice Cream Experiments for kids, where children can enjoy a sweet treat while learning exciting principles of chemistry and physics, boosting their curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Shaving Cream Sensory Soup

Fun learning activities can be messy, let’s embrace it. This sensory play will be a good summer activity for young kids.

Summer Learning Activities for Kindergarten

Boost creativity, develop essential skills, and make lasting memories with these engaging and educational Summer Learning Activities for Kindergarten.

Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Allow the kids to develop a deeper appreciation for their fathers and create heartwarming memories during Father’s day.

summer activities for kids

Looking for more fun learning activities to do this summer without worrying about resources? These two hassle-free activity kits are perfect for your homeschool summer lesson.

Get the printable Summer Money Puzzles Kit, the perfect way to introduce money values to kids. Grab the Mud Kitchen Potion Kit for an exciting activity to do outdoors. Kids will appreciate seeing the magic mud go fizz!

Summer Money Puzzles Kit
Mud Kitchen Potion Kit

Summer Books Reading Lists

Best Summer Books for Kids

You have the option to spend summertime indoors too with these recommended best summer books for kids.

Summer Books for Preschoolers

Is it too hot to go outside? You need these summer books to keep your preschoolers engaged and learning even indoors.

Summer Workbooks for Elementary Kids

Keep your kids’ mind active while having a great time this summer with these workbooks.

Great Summer Books for Children

Check these books for kids with a summer theme.

Summer Books for Kindergarten

These fun and educational Summer Books for Kindergarten will benefit your kids immensely so encourage your little ones to find the books they like and dive in!

Summer Reading List for Elementary Kids

Have a fun reading activity with your elementary kids with these amazing books.

Fun Summer Books for Elementary Students

Discover a variety of exciting stories, engaging activities, and educational adventures to keep them entertained while homeschooling all summer long.

Summer Reading List for Middle Schoolers

Middle schoolers will love these books that’s all about summer.

Beach Books for Kids

Let your kids experience the beach with these books. They will encounter some beach animals, too.

Travel Books for Kids

DIgnite your child’s imagination, inspire a love for travel and adventure, and create lasting memories with this fantastic selection of beautifully illustrated books.

Ice Cream Books for Preschoolers

Dive into a sweet world of learning with our top picks of ice cream books for preschoolers! From fun stories to educational content, these books are perfect for little ice cream lovers.

Carnival Books for Preschool

These Carnival Books for Preschool are perfect for curious little minds who love vibrant illustrations, engaging stories, and learning about the magic of carnivals.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar's First Summer (The World of Eric Carle)The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Summer (The World of Eric Carle)I See SummerI See SummerThe Watermelon SeedThe Watermelon SeedPete the Cat: Pete at the Beach (My First I Can Read)Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach (My First I Can Read)The Little Blue CottageThe Little Blue CottageThe Sandcastle That Lola BuiltThe Sandcastle That Lola Built


More Summer Activities

Carnival Preschool Activities

If your little children love going to the carnival and explore, these carnival preschool activities will surely spark joy in your young kids!

Summer STEM Activities

If you love STEM Activities, check out this list Summer STEM Activities.

Summer Learning Activities

These summer activities will make homeschooling fun and exciting.

Summer Homeschool Ideas

Spark creativity and learning all summer long with our inspiring collection of Summer Homeschool Ideas!

Summer Learning Activities for 1st Graders

From homeschool science experiments and outdoor exploration to reading challenges and creative projects, these Summer Learning Activities for 1st Graders are sure to keep your child’s mind active and curious all summer long.

Summer Toddler Activities

Surprise your toddler with these awesome summer activities. The activities on this list are simple and easy to do.

Summer Preschool Activities

Looking for summer activities for preschoolers? Click this link to see my list.

Summer STEM Activities for Kindergarten

These hands-on homeschool activities are designed to spark curiosity and creativity while teaching them valuable STEM skills.

Summer STEM Activities for Elementary Students

Explore science, technology, engineering, and math through hands-on projects, outdoor adventures, and creative experiments.

Summer Preschool Science Activities

Start planning your summer science adventure today with this fun and engaging list of Summer Preschool Science Activities.

Printable Summer Activities

Whether you’re planning a family vacation or simply looking for ways to beat the summer heat, our printable summer activities are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages.

10 Summer Family Activities

If you want activities for kids that the whole family will enjoy, this list will give you an idea of what to do.

Screen Free Activities for Kids + Screen Time Checklist

Don’t let your young child be spending so much time with their screens! Increase their interest with other fun screen free activities in this list.

Carnival Activities for Kindergarten

Your kids don’t need to wait for the next carnival visit in your area with these engaging and super fun carnival theme activities for kindergarten.

Outdoor Kindergarten Activities

Spark your little one’s curiosity and imagination as they explore nature, develop essential skills, and create cherished memories.

Ice Cream Learning Activities

Fun activities with an ice cream theme. These will be perfect for summer!

Ice Cream Activities for Kindergarten

These educational yet entertaining activities will help them learn essential skills while satisfying their love for this delicious treat.

Ice Cream Worksheets for Kindergarten

These fun ice cream-themed worksheets are perfect for ice cream lovers who are just learning about letter sounds, addition, and handwriting.

Backyard Activities for Kindergarten

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor activities to keep your kindergartener entertained? These activities are perfect!

Ice Cream Activities for First Grade

From math to science and even the arts, there’s a wide range of exciting activities that you can use to engage young minds and teach important subject areas with these Ice Cream Activities for First Grade.

Summer Fun Activities for Elementary Students

Our collection of Summer Fun Activities for Elementary Students is jam-packed with ideas that are sure to keep your kids entertained all season long.

Summer Gifts for Kids

Make this summer one to remember by giving your little ones presents that encourage adventure, exploration, and fun in the sun!

summer activities for kids

Have you picked the next summer activity that you will try with your kids? You can’t go wrong with any of these especially when your child tells you they’re bored.

More Summer Printables

Want even more summer activities? Try one of these.

Popsicle Counting Clip Cards

Carnival Writing Worksheets

Summer Tracing Worksheets

Summer Money Puzzles

Ice Cream Letter Puzzle Printables

Season of Summer Themed Printables by 3 Dinosaurs

Summer Printables for Preschoolers by Homeschool Preschool

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