Summer Preschool Activities

As we head into the summer, there are some wonderful ideas that you can put together ahead of time for your preschooler so you don’t have t worry about thinking up something last minute. Summer is great time to be outdoors and having fun. I know with our long Canadian winters, we have to soak up every ray of sun we can before it all goes away.

Preschool activities are so much more fun in the summer because you can spend them outdoors with no jackets, yeah!

This year my toddler is now 3 and headed into the preschool era so you can welcome more preschool posts to the mix. My preschooler is my little me. She goes everywhere I go but she also loves her big brothers as well. She’s kind of like a princess fighter. She’ll have princess dress on with a sword in her back. All very necessary to her play.

summer preschool activities

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Recommended Summer Books for Kids

These awesome books are perfect for your preschooler. Enjoy the summer season with our recommended books.

Llama Llama Sand and Sun: A Touch & Feel BookLlama Llama Sand and Sun: A Touch & Feel BookThe Very Hungry Caterpillar's First Summer (The World of Eric Carle)The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Summer (The World of Eric Carle)And Then Comes SummerAnd Then Comes SummerI See SummerI See SummerSummer in the Forest (Lift-a-flap Surprise)Summer in the Forest (Lift-a-flap Surprise)Biscuit's First Beach DayBiscuit’s First Beach Day


Summer Preschool Activities

Outside fun

We love summer here so I’ve added some fun ideas for what we like to do in the summer. I have wonderful nature lovers who could spend outside hunting bugs all day. We love nature walks while collecting leaves and bugs. They don’t get very far as my kids are always worried that they’ll leave their home so they always get set free.

If you need more activities, check my bigger list of Fun Summer Activities for Kids.

We feed ants in our backyard and watch to see what kinds of food they prefer, fruit or vegetables, plants, bread, anything the kids can find. It’s fun watching them carry large pieces of food home to their anthills.

We love drawing outside with our chalk because they really do get to make a big mess outside. Inside I’m always worried about all the chalk dust so it’s fun for them.

More outside ideas for art.

Fun Summer Craft Kits for Kids

Try these summer-themed craft kits from Etsy for a super fun summer activity! The one on the left is an Ice Cream Painting Kit and on the right is a Beach Craft Kit. Both are good activity for your kids.

Ice Cream Painting Kit
Beach Craft Kit

 Water activities

I love setting up our small plastic pool to cool off my two littles, who aren’t so little anymore because my son is in the 1st grade, but he still loves playing in the water. They take all of their ocean animals and bring them outside and have a blast playing with their cups and scoops while cooling off.

For those rainy days, we set up a large plastic bin and blue water for their sea animals, still lots of fun, just a messier clean up.


My hubby just built me a raised garden, every aspect of the garden can be reached by my preschooler. She loves helping me water the garden and is always the first to remind me to do so daily.

She helped me dig it up, fill it up with soil and plant all of the plants and seeds. She also was the first to rush and tell me that one of my tomato plants was broken. 

I love gardening, it gives us a chance to study  plants while providing food for our family at the end of the season. Too bad I not very good at it, we have many more pests to fight off to keep our food including our dog who loves tomatoes, who knew?

summer preschool activities

Summer Preschool Activities

Have a memorable summer with these summer preschool activities. Our list consists of outdoor activities, water fun, gardening, and more!

 Thanks for stopping by and let me know what your favorite summer activities are.

summer books for preschoolers

Is it too hot to go outside? You need these summer books for preschoolers to keep them engaged and learning even indoors.

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  1. Wow! Thank you for consolidating all these ideas! I’ve tried some of them and they are insanely fun! i can’t wait to try the rest with my kids. I’m sure they’ll also love them.

  2. These are such fun activities for the kids! We are having our carpets cleaned this week so I am in need of some fun summer activities to keep the kids outside while the cleaners are here. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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