Earth Day Activities for Kids

With homeschooling on the rise, it’s important to help kids understand their world and show them how to take care of it. That’s why Earth Day Activities for Kids are such great homeschool activities!

From conservation efforts to art projects, there is no shortage of fun activities for young minds that focus on sustainability, recycling, and learning about the environment around us. Every kid can get involved in something meaningful and educational while honoring Earth Day.

So stock up on supplies, find an educational activity that sparks your kids’ interest, and have fun! With these activities, homeschool learning just got even more exciting!

If your kids love everything about Earth, check out my Earth Science for kids blog post for more activities!

A collage on Earth Day Activities for Kids

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Add more books to your collection! These Earth day books are perfect for kids who want to learn more about the earth, its wonders, and how to protect it.

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Earth Day Activities for Kids

April 22nd is quickly approaching and Earth Day is a great reminder of how we can all make an impact on the environment. Kids are especially powerful in inspiring others to conserve energy and help the planet.

From reducing water waste to picking up litter, there are many ways for kids to show their support! One easy activity is collecting recyclable materials from around the home and taking them to a local recycling center – this not only reduces land pollution but also teaches about the importance of sustainability.

Participating in an outdoor cleanup day or joining a local park or garden project can be incredibly rewarding too. Just remember, every little bit counts when it comes to protecting the planet!

Check out this list of activities to teach kids the importance of Earth Day and how they can contribute even in the smallest way.

Earth Day Activities for Elementary Students

By studying why we celebrate Earth Day, your elementary-grade child can start learning about reducing their carbon footprint and protecting our wonderful world.

Earth Day Science Activities

If you’re looking to incorporate science into your Earth Day activities, this list is the best pick for you!

Earth Day Preschool Activities

Introducing Earth Day with these Earth Day Preschool Activities can be a great way to get your kids excited and interested in protecting our planet.

A collage on Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day Printables

Earth Day I Spy Printable

Your kids can get to play detective and use their sharp eyes while honoring our planet on its special day with this super fun printable!

Earth Day Word Search Printable

Let your kids learn new vocabulary while honoring our planet on its special day through this fun game of Earth Day word search for kids.

Earth Day Counting Clip Cards

Improve your child’s counting skills while celebrating Mother Earth’s special day with these colorful counting clip cards for kids.

Earth Day Printables for Kids

These printables will surely help your kids learn more about the Earth! Learning about how we can help the Earth doesn’t have to only occur on one day but it’s a great way to raise awareness about the Earth.

Earth Day Printables for Elementary Students

By using these Earth Day Printables for Elementary Students, your kids will appreciate nature more and learn what homeschool Earth Day activities for kids are perfect for them!

I can help the earth pop-up book – The Craft Train

This pop-up book is an interesting way to get your kids to learn more about the Earth! The kids will be captivated by how different images pop up.

Free Earth Day Printable Headband For Kids – Simple Everyday Mom

This printable can make a fun headband for kids! Help them learn more about the earth with this activity that they will surely enjoy.

Earth Day Worksheets

Recycling Worksheets for Kids

Teach your little environmentalists the importance of recycling with our colorful Recycling Worksheets for Kids, where learning to care for our planet becomes an engaging adventure!

Sort Your Recycling Worksheets

Teach your kids how to recycle! This skill will help them be decent humans in the future and it makes a huge contribution to helping save Mother Earth.

Recycling Worksheets for Kindergarten

Starting from a young age, teach your kids all about the earth so that they will take care of the earth in every way they can and make it their routine for years to come.

Must-try Earth Day Worksheets

These worksheets can help your kids appreciate the earth more and learn how to protect it. Every day on Earth Day we celebrate the Earth by finding ways that we can clean it up and make it healthier.

Earth Day Worksheets for Kindergarten

It is never too early to teach our young kids about the importance of giving back to Mother Earth even through small things, this fun Earth Day worksheet for kindergarten will surely help.

Earth Day Worksheets for Preschool

Practice tracing, matching, and coloring activities with your preschoolers while introducing them to our beautiful planet’s special day celebration with this fun printable.

Earth Day Worksheets for Elementary Students

Allow your kids to participate in this special day while learning and having fun with tons of activities in this Earth Day Worksheets for Elementary Students.

Earth Day Art Activities

Earth Day Coloring Pages for Kids

This year’s Earth Day will be so fun and colorful with these Earth Day coloring pages! This a great opportunity to practice your kids’ creativity skills and focus!

Printable Earth Day Bookmarks

These Earth Day bookmarks are the perfect pair to Earth Day books! Every time the kids open their books this will be a great reminder for them to save and protect Mother Earth.

Two Hands Holding Earth Heart Art Project – Fun Handprint Art

This is a cute and great arts and crafts idea for you and your kids to do during this upcoming Earth Day!

Earth Day Crafts

Recycled Egg Carton Tree Canvas – Glued to my Crafts

Recycling is an excellent way to engage your kids to learn more about Earth Day and what good things we can make out of recycled products such as this tree craft!

Gorgeous Newspaper Earth Day Craft – I Heart Crafty Things

Newspaper can be used in a lot of ways. Rather than throwing it out, why not make use of it? This Newspaper Earth Day craft is great for kids to make a lot of fun arts and crafts pieces!

Planet Earth Craft – Go Science Kids

This craft makes use of the simplest materials. The kids will learn more about the earth as they incorporate real dirt into their craft!

Happy Earth/Sad Earth Printable – The Inspiration Edit

This activity is great for your kids to learn what hurts the earth and what helps it to become healthy. Your kids will learn what they can do to help the earth from being sad and protect it!

Lorax Earth Day Craft – Non-Toy Gifts

The kids will enjoy making their favorite character, the Lorax, in this Earth Day craft! Not only will they learn more about the earth but they will also enjoy the process!

Earth Pom Pom for Earth Day – The Ginger Bread House

This pompom craft will be a great decoration in your house and is easy to make! These decorations will help your kids recognize the earth and appreciate it.

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Earth Day

Celebrate the Earth on April 22nd with these print-and-go activities that will get your kids excited about Earth Day.

Earth Day Color by Number Addition Worksheets

If you need help practicing addition facts, grab these super cool Earth Day color-by-number addition worksheets!

More Earth Day Arts and Crafts

Earth Day Craft with Writing Prompt – I Heart Crafty Things

This activity will help the kids learn how to protect the earth and write it down using a fun and educational activity.

Paper Quilled Earth Day Craft for Kids to Make – Projects with Kids

With bright colors and fun art skills, your kids will love this paper-quilled earth activity. The technique is unique and kids will have fun making this craft with just the simplest materials.

Turn an Empty K Cup into an Earth Craft for Kids – Artsy Momma

These cute cups can be recycled and made into a masterpiece. Teach your kids how to recycle and create this fun and amazing Cup Earth Craft!

Marbled Art Earth Day Craft for Kids – I Heart Crafty Things

Your kids will have fun playing with the colors and they can make their own unique marbled earth using this fun technique.

3D Earth Craft for Kids – Non-Toy Gifts

This 3D Earth Craft is an amazing activity for kids to do! They will create our loved and beautiful earth which will be a great opportunity for moms to teach their kids how to take care of the earth.

A collage on Earth Day Activities for Kids

More Earth Day Activities

Earth Day Printable Word Search – 3 Boys and a Dog

Have fun with Earth Day vocabulary with a word search, my kids love these.

Kid-Made DIY Recycled Cardboard Marble Maze – Hello, Wonderful

This activity is a great activity to teach your kids about recycling and how it can save the earth. It is also a fun craft to make and they can solve how to get through the maze!

Earth Day Toasts – Easy Earth Day Activity For Kids – My Kids Lick the Bowl

This is a fun and tasty activity for your kids to make! Create this Earth Day Toast with your kids as you celebrate Earth Day.

Recycled Crafts- Cut Paper Art from recycled magazines! – Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom

This is a beautiful artwork that can be made out of recycled materials! There are tons of magazines that are wasted throughout the year so why not make use of them and help the earth?

Earth Day Slime aka Stripped Slime – Really, Are You Serious?

Create this fun slime activity with your kids and help them appreciate the earth they are living on. Not only will they have fun but they will also be educated.

Teach your kids how to love and protect the earth so as your kids grow older, let this be part of their routine. Also, your kids will learn a lot as you teach them the value and beauty of what recycled materials can make.

More Earth Science Activities

Layers of the Earth Worksheets

Types of Rocks Worksheets

Country Activity Pages

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