Country Activity Pages

Learning about different countries is a lot of fun! And what better way to learn than through these country activity pages?

Did you know that every country has its own culture, traditions, and history? There are so many amazing things to learn about every corner of the world.

With these printables, your little adventurers can conduct research and learn more about an unfamiliar country or delve deeper into topics they already have some knowledge of. Your kids can even put their skills to use and make artwork and crafts in honor of a country, whether it be a homemade flag or an artwork of their famous landmarks!

You’ll be able to answer all sorts of questions after completing these activity pages. What type of climate does this country have? What are some famous landmarks? What are the people like there? There’s so much to discover!

And if you love these activity pages, take a look at these free printable worksheets for kids.

Country Activity Pages

Learning about different countries provides kids with the amazing opportunity to gain insight into different cultures, customs, and values. It can give your kids an understanding of how nations interact with each other, while also giving them a sense of compassion for others who may have had different experiences.

Through learning about different countries, your kids can expand their worldviews by recognizing similarities and differences between multiple societies.

Equipping kids with respect and appreciation of foreign cultures will make them more likely to create bridges between diverse backgrounds.

All in all, teaching kids about different countries is not just important for gaining knowledge — it’s essential for creating stronger connections between individuals from various walks of life.

Country Activity Pages

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What better way to immerse your kids in learning all about different countries than through books? I know that most of our kids are so excited to grow up and travel the world, but of course, we won’t let them go out there without prior knowledge!

Kids are the most impressionable people in society, and through these books, we can teach them about the cultures of other countries, their customs, and even languages!

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the WorldNational Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the WorldThe Complete Book of Country Flags, Facts and CapitalsThe Complete Book of Country Flags, Facts and CapitalsThe World Book: Explore the Facts, Stats and Flags of Every CountryThe World Book: Explore the Facts, Stats and Flags of Every CountryCountries of the World: Our World in PicturesCountries of the World: Our World in PicturesWhere on Earth? Atlas: The World As You've Never Seen It BeforeWhere on Earth? Atlas: The World As You’ve Never Seen It BeforeChildren Around the WorldChildren Around the World


Country Activity Pages

If you’re looking for fun geography activities for your kids, grab one of these items to make your kids feel as if they’re traveling around the world!

Junior Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Continents and Oceans

Do you have kids who want to learn about different places? Pretend to travel around the world with your kids with this printable airline ticket and passport in hand.

World Explorer Cards

Your kids will learn about the world’s wonders in this creative deck of cards. This card set will teach your kids information about significant sites all around the world. This is a perfect game for classrooms, homeschooling, or even just for fun!

World Map Jigsaw Puzzle

This wooden jigsaw puzzle map will surely encourage your children to know more about the countries of the world, or better yet memorize the whole world! This world map shows all continents and their countries, as well as oceans, which can be a very interesting geographic lesson for your kids.

Need to learn about the U.S.A. – try this American landmarks worksheets.

Country Activity Pages

The Country Activity Pages include:

Country Research Report

This country research page will encourage your kids to use their research skills, from as simple as looking up the country’s capital city to something more complex such as writing up their geographical coordinates.

Kids are going to love this name search! This is going to develop your kids’ concentration, spelling skills, pattern recognition, and more. You can also help your kids with simple context clues.

Name The Country

What could be more amazing than seeing your child identify which country is which just by their silhouettes? This activity will help your kids’ memorization and recognition of shapes which is an important skill to learn whilst young.

Download the Country Activity Pages below

I hope you enjoyed these activity pages and that they helped your kids learn a little more about other countries around the world. Maybe your kids even found a new country that they’re interested in visiting someday. Learning about other cultures is important, but it’s also fun!

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