Biography Research Worksheets

If you’re studying a famous person, these biography research worksheets are a great way to record what your child has learned about the famous person. They can gather all of their pertinent information and record all that they’ve learned. There are also some writing prompt pages in the back with large lines to write.

I’ll be using this for our artist and musician studies this year with my 2nd grader who hates writing so I had to ensure there was adequate spacing for him to write and draw as needed.

We also like to study famous scientists to see what they’ve accomplished and contributed to our present-day technology, my son has a wonderful fascination with space, volcanoes, and technology.

He did ask me if there were cars when I was little, lol, of course, we just didn’t have cell phones. His jaw drops in awe, how could that be? Just tells you how old I am now, my kids think I’m so old.

biography research worksheets

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Biography Research Worksheets

Your child will love learning and using these worksheets. They’re simple, they break down questions in an easy-to-use format and they are available to be printed and used over and over again.

You can use these printables with any person you’d like to study. My son liked to research famous historical figures.

We’ve done this with scientists, and authors as well.

biography worksheets for kids

Recommended Biography Books for Kids

Who will you be studying this year? Introducing your child to educational books is always a great supplement to education and learning. These are just a few of the amazing choices but it just goes to show you that your children can learn about history easily by simply picking up a book!

 Who is J.K. Rowling? Who Was George Washington? Who Was Albert Einstein? Who Was Dr. Seuss? Who Was Rosa Parks? The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Young Readers Edition Rising Above: How 11 Athletes Overcame Challenges in Their Youth to Become Stars A Picture Book of George Washington (Picture Book Biography)

If your children are stuck with the writing portion, have them draw a picture first so that they can then write about their drawing.

My biography research worksheets

Does your child have a favorite author, sports figure or historical figure they’d like to learn more about?

Who can you study for a biography?

  • Former presidents or prime ministers
  • Authors
  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Scientists
  • Historical figures
  • Queens or kings
  • Athletes
  • Inventors

Things to research for a biography

  • place of birth
  • place they grew up
  • personal life
  • significant contributions
  • what are they known for
  • famous pieces of work
  • achievements
  • hardships they had to overcome
  • motivations
  • education
  • employment
  • relationships
  • death

Why read biographies?

Biographies show what hardships or motivation others had to go through to accomplish what it is that they are known for. It can help motivate students in their own life so that they can see how their work progressed. Things didn’t happen overnight and it was through hard work.

We only hear about famous people and what they did but not how they did it and how much trial and error they had to go through.

They can also see the context in which that work was completed, it was a very different time when the Wright brothers were trying to invent the plane or what artists had to go through to hone their skills before they became famous.

Print out these biography worksheets so they can look for more information about their favorite person. You can do this for any subject.

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