Earth Day Worksheets for Kindergarten

With every passing year, Earth Day takes on a more profound meaning as we seek to educate kids about the importance of the environment. If you’re looking to add this message into your kindergartener lessons, these Earth Day worksheets for Kindergarten are an opportunity to make learning both fun and meaningful.

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These worksheets will help you teach foundational academic skills while introducing the crucial concepts of environmental conservation and sustainability.

Earth Day Worksheets for Kindergarten

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Hands-on Earth Day Activities

These hands-on Earth Day activities provide a great way for kids to grasp the importance of environmental stewardship and develop a lifelong appreciation for nature. Try them out now!

Sort Your Recycling Worksheets

Help your kids learn how to sort recyclables with these sort-your-recycling worksheets. While it’s wonderful that Earth Day comes once a year, to make a difference, we need to think about taking care of the Earth year-round.

Must-try Earth Day Worksheets

These worksheets can help your kids appreciate the earth more and learn how to protect it. Every day on Earth Day we celebrate the Earth by finding ways that we can clean it up and make it healthier.

Recycling Worksheets for Kindergarten

Starting from a young age, teach your kids all about the earth so that they will take care of the earth in every way they can and make it their routine for years to come.

How to Make Recycled Paper by You Clever Monkey

Learn how to easily make recycled paper by hand at home with your kids! It’s super easy to make and your kids will enjoy the process, plus they will learn more about sustainability and recycling.

Growing Seeds in Eggshells by STEAMsational

Celebrate this Earth Day by creating new life and growing things with this activity! Your kids will love growing these tiny gardens.

Add more books to your collection! These Earth Day books are perfect for your Earth Day lessons! Your child will learn more about our planet, its wonders, and how to protect it.

Biscuit's Earth Day CelebrationBiscuit’s Earth Day CelebrationEarth Day Every Day (Cloverleaf Books ™ ― Planet Protectors)Earth Day Every Day (Cloverleaf Books ™ ― Planet Protectors)What If Everybody Did That?What If Everybody Did That?WE ARE ALL CONNECTED: CARING FOR EACH OTHER & THE EARTHWE ARE ALL CONNECTED: CARING FOR EACH OTHER & THE EARTHI Can Save the Earth!: One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and RecycleI Can Save the Earth!: One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and RecycleThis Class Can Save the PlanetThis Class Can Save the Planet


Earth Day Worksheets for Kindergarten

Earth Day Worksheets for Kindergarten Supplies

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Recommended Earth Day Activity Kits

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Earth Day

Celebrate the Earth on April 22nd with these print-and-go activities that will get your kids excited about Earth Day.

Earth Day Color by Number Addition Worksheets

If you need help practicing addition facts, grab these super cool Earth Day color-by-number addition worksheets!

What’s included in the Earth Day Worksheets for Kindergarten?

Letter E Word Sort

Start off your Earth Day lessons by practicing their vocabulary with a word sort activity. Children can learn to distinguish between words that start with the letter Ee and those that don’t.

Kids can sort pictures into two categories by cutting and pasting them onto the correct box – promoting fine motor skills, critical thinking, and language development.

Letter Sounds

For the youngest writers in your homeschool, connecting sounds to letters is a key step in literacy. This activity focuses on recognizing letters and their sounds in words.

Using the images, kids can choose the correct letter sound or missing letter, expanding their vocabulary.

Earth Day Addition and Subtraction

Who says learning about Earth Day can’t be combined with math? In this worksheet, kindergarteners will engage in simple addition and subtraction problems using pictures.

This hands-on approach not only reinforces basic counting skills but also shows the link between math and real-world applications.

Earth Day Worksheets for Kindergarten

Letter Tracing and other letter activities

Tracing letters is another fun way to reinforce the alphabet. The letter ‘E’ can stand for ‘earth,’ a word that kindergarteners learn in an engaging Earth Day-themed worksheet.

With opportunities to trace the letter ‘E’ in uppercase and lowercase, they’re not just practicing their writing, but they’re recognizing the letter-symbol relationship and building fine motor skills.

Save the Earth!

Have your child express their feelings toward the environment with a ‘Save the Earth’ drawing exercise. Students will view images and draw a smiley face on the worksheet if the picture shows an action or element that helps the planet and a sad face if not.

This activity fosters empathy and socio-emotional development, as they begin to understand how their actions can positively or negatively affect the environment.

Recycling Sort

A more visual and creative exercise, this activity requires kids to differentiate between different types of waste. They’ll color the recyclable objects and leave the non-recyclables colorless.

Engaging in this color-by-category activity will educate the children on what items should or should not be placed in the recycling bin, a task they can physically practice in their own homes.

Matching Objects

Matching activities are excellent for memory and cognitive skill development. In this worksheet, students are asked to draw lines to match images of Earth Day-related objects with their corresponding words.

Earth Day Subtraction

This page makes subtraction simple. Through visual aids, children will grasp the concept of taking away from a set or a quantity, visually incorporating the idea of ‘subtracting’ waste from the environment.

Whether it’s figurative garbage or a tangible mess, this activity brings abstract mathematical concepts into the theme of Earth Day.

Earth Day Worksheets for Kindergarten

The activities above show how Earth Day worksheets can be a valuable addition to early education.

By using a mix of creative, visual, and practical exercises, you can ensure that your little learners not only develop academic skills but also take their first steps toward becoming friends of the Earth.

Download the Earth Day Worksheets for Kindergarten below

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