Summer Worksheets for Kids

Looking for some fun summer worksheets for kids? We’ve got you covered!

Our list includes a variety of different worksheets that are perfect for keeping your kids entertained and learning during the summer months.

I know it can be tough to keep kids busy during the summer, so I hope these worksheets will help make things a little bit easier for you.

And don’t forget to have fun with them too – these activities are meant to be enjoyed!

collage of summer worksheets for kids

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The Best Summer Worksheets

Summer worksheets for kids are a great way to keep your children’s brains ticking over during the summer months. There are many different summer worksheets available online, covering a wide range of topics.

Whether your child is interested in mathematics, language arts, or science, you can be sure that there is a summer worksheet out there that will be perfect for them. Not only do summer worksheets help to keep your child’s mind active, but they can also be a lot of fun.

Many summer worksheets include puzzles and games, making them a great activity for summer days spent indoors. If you are looking for summer worksheets for your kids, be sure to check our list below – you are sure to find something that they will love.

Summer Cards and Puzzles

Summer Counting Cards and Puzzles

Make counting and math more fun with these counting cards and puzzles for kids.

Ice Cream Letter Puzzle Printables

Kids love colorful ice creams so I bet they’ll enjoy learning uppercase and lowercase letters with this fun puzzle printables.

Summer Printable Coloring Pages

Whether you’re spending a lazy day at home or looking for a quiet activity to do on a road trip, our summer printable coloring pages are a perfect choice.

Summer Lacing Cards

These summer lacing cards are perfect for practicing your child’s fine motor skills and a boredom buster, too.

Summer Letter Puzzles

Teach your kids to match the upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet with these fun alphabet puzzles.

Summer I Spy Printables

These I spy printables are perfect for your summer-loving kids!

Summer STEM Challenge Cards

Keep your child learning even during the summer season with these summer STEM challenge cards! Perfect for kids who love experiments and exciting activities!

collage of summer worksheets for kids

Summer Math Activities

Popsicle Counting Clip Cards

Teach your kids about counting with these cute popsicle counting clip cards.

Summer Counting Mats

Practice counting with these summer-themed counting mats.

Summer Money Puzzles

If you’re teaching your kids about money, this activity is a must-have. Kids will enjoy learning with these puzzles.

Fun Summer Math Puzzles

This math puzzle printable with cute summer-themed pictures are perfect for teaching addition to kids.

Summer Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Let your kindergartener have a fun math learning experience with these math worksheets with an exciting summer theme.

Summer Printable Activities

Printable Summer Bookmarks

Are you ready for your kid’s summer reading list? Don’t forget to make it as interesting and as exciting with these summer printable bookmarks!

Summer Safety Worksheets

Free yourself from stress and worries as you teach your child about summer safety!

Looking for great books that match great weather? These amazing books are the perfect addition to your kid’s book collection.

I See SummerI See SummerSummer (Beginner Books(R))Summer (Beginner Books(R))The Night Before Summer VacationThe Night Before Summer VacationBig League Sports: SummerBig League Sports: SummerThe Sandcastle That Lola BuiltThe Sandcastle That Lola BuiltLlama Llama Sand and Sun: A Touch & Feel BookLlama Llama Sand and Sun: A Touch & Feel Book


Summer Writing and Tracing Worksheets

Carnival Writing Worksheets

Colorful and fun writing worksheets for amusement park lovers.

Summer Tracing Worksheets

Practice tracing lines, curves and shapes with these adorable summer-themed tracing worksheets.

Beach Letter Dot Printables

Get ready for summer with this beach-themed letter dot activity. You can use dot markers, bingo dabbers, or pompoms in this activity.

Summer Do a Dot Printables

Dive into the world of vibrant colors, adorable summer-themed illustrations, and hours of entertainment. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Camping Preschool Printables

Calling all camping lovers! This collection of printables includes letter dot, tracing, and more!

Do you need other summer activities to add to our Summer Letter Puzzles? Check out these cool activity kits for your kids that they will enjoy. Be in a crafty mood making colorful sea creatures with this Kids Sea the Fun Craft Kit or have an awesome science experiment, fun pool play, or just an exciting bath time with these Ice Cream Bath Bombs.

Kids Sea the Fun Craft Kit
Ice Cream Bath Bombs

More Summer Worksheets for Kids

Camping I Spy Printables

Playing I Spy just got better with this Camping I Spy Printables. They’re so fun!

Beach I Spy Graphing Printable

Have your child use a crayon or marker to color in the blocks as they count the items they find.

Summer Bingo Printables

Each sheet offers a new adventure waiting to be explored. So, grab some markers and get ready for a summer full of exploration and Bingo fun!

Beach Letter Find Printable

Looking for a great printable activity for young learners who just learned about uppercase and lowercase letters? This is for you.

Summer Word Search Printable

This Summer Word Search Printable is the perfect way to keep your little ones entertained and engaged while boosting their vocabulary and problem-solving skills.

Printable Summer Reading Log

This fun and engaging tracker will inspire them to explore new books, set reading goals, and celebrate their progress throughout the sunny season.

Printable Summer Learning Activities

A collection of printable learning activities like math worksheets, puzzles, and games that kids will surely love.

Summer Worksheets for Kindergarten

From math to reading and writing, these activities cover a range of subjects and are perfect for keeping your little ones entertained while improving their skills.

Elementary Summer Worksheets

Looking for ways to get your elementary-grade homeschooler engaged while learning about punctuation, math, and more? Download my cool summer worksheets for elementary students now!

Thank you for checking our list of summer worksheets for kids! I’m sure your kids are now ready for some homeschool summer learning.

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