Summer Letter Puzzles

It’s always time for letter learning! These Summer Letter Puzzles are the perfect way to prevent summer slide and to keep the kids sharp, even over the summer months! These easy puzzles will help them match up uppercase and lowercase letters so that they can identify them with ease.

The fun part of these puzzles is that they’re delicious pictures that the kids will love and they combine learning at the same time! These are great for building confidence that will have the kids wanting to do even more letter learning fun. Use the summer months as a great way to build up the confidence of the kids!

Be sure to check out the list of fun summer worksheets for kids for even more fun summer learning activities and ideas.

summer letter puzzles on a desk

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Summer Letter Puzzles

The reason that the kids love these puzzles is that there are multiple ways to solve them. They can match the letters to complete the puzzle, or match the picture. This gives them options and makes them feel calmer when it comes to learning fun.

This fun learning activity is great for the summer months. Summer-themed learning is one way that we keep going with learning throughout the year.

While we don’t do school daily, we do like to do activities to keep our minds and memories sharp. Printables are one of our favorite ways to do that and the kids always loved this one.

summer letter puzzles on a yellow table

Recommended Summer Books for Kids

Looking for great books that match great weather? These amazing books are the perfect addition to your young learner’s book collection.

It’s no shock that we read a lot – I literally talk about books all the time. But I can promise you that the kids have really enhanced their vocabulary by reading and opening up all those great books! I’m amazing at how they love sitting and reading now that we have books and options in the house.

These books below are some of our favorite summertime reads – but there are so many other options out there! It’s safe to say that we could literally go through hundreds of books during the summer without an issue because there are so many great options!

Grab some and then change them out with new ones. Reading is great for sight words and expanding vocabulary as well.

I See SummerI See SummerSummer (Beginner Books(R))Summer (Beginner Books(R))The Night Before Summer VacationThe Night Before Summer VacationBig League Sports: SummerBig League Sports: SummerThe Sandcastle That Lola BuiltThe Sandcastle That Lola BuiltLlama Llama Sand and Sun: A Touch & Feel BookLlama Llama Sand and Sun: A Touch & Feel Book


summer letter puzzles on a yellow table

How to use these summer puzzles

There really isn’t a wrong way to use these puzzles. Just print them and have the kids cut them out. That way, they can be a part of the process and then gain confidence in putting them back together.

If you want to make the puzzles last even longer, you can laminate them as well. Do this before cutting the sheets. I love laminating worksheets so that we can use them over and over again and not have to worry about things spilling on them or ripping them.

Puzzle Printable Supplies

If you’re printing a ton, get a good printer. I have the HP printer 8710 but it’s not available anymore. It’s still running well for years now. Look for another HP Instant Ink ready printer so that you can use their program to send you ink cartridges whenever your printer gets low on ink.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Wireless Color Printer, HP Instant Ink & Amazon Dash Replenishment ready (D9L64A) (Renewed)HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Wireless Color Printer, HP Instant Ink & Amazon Dash Replenishment ready (D9L64A) (Renewed)Scotch Thermal Laminator with 20 Letter Size Pouches, Ideal for Teachers, Small Offices, or Home (TL1302XVP)Scotch Thermal Laminator with 20 Letter Size Pouches, Ideal for Teachers, Small Offices, or Home (TL1302XVP)Fiskars SureCut Portable Paper Trimmer, 12 Inch Cut , Orange - 154450-1009Fiskars SureCut Portable Paper Trimmer, 12 Inch Cut , Orange – 154450-1009


summer letter puzzles on a yellow table

Recommended Summer Kits for Kids

Do you need other summer activities to add to our Summer Letter Puzzles? Check out these cool activity kits for your kids that they will enjoy. Be in a crafty mood making colorful sea creatures with this Kids Sea the Fun Craft Kit or enjoy a science experiment, fun pool play, or just an exciting bath time with these Ice Cream Bath Bombs.

I’m the type of mom that is excited for summer because it’s a time to slow down a bit and focus on even more outdoor activities and fun crafts. I love everything about the summer months, to be honest, but spending time crafting and creating with the kids has to be at the top of my list.

Using summer kits makes it super simple to set your kids up to play because you have everything that you need!

Kids Sea the Fun Craft Kit
Ice Cream Bath Bombs

How puzzles help with learning

Never underestimate the power of puzzles! Puzzle learning does a great job of teaching kids so many different things.

First and foremost, putting puzzles together, no matter how easy they might be, helps your child with their analytical skills. Being able to look at a puzzle and connect the pieces shows them a thought process that they’ll use throughout their entire life.

Puzzles are also great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Your child will be cutting out the puzzle pieces which work on their scissor skills and hand muscles and then uses their hands to pick up and put together the pieces, too!

summer letter puzzles on a yellow table

So much learning is happening besides letter learning with these puzzles!

Download the summer letter puzzles below

All you need to do is print off these puzzles and then let the kids take over! They’ll love showing you their puzzle skills by being able to put them together easily!

More Summer Activities

Don’t stop with the fun summer learning! Here are some other summer activities and ideas that everyone will love doing! Great for early learners!

Summer Safety Worksheets

Fun Summer Addition Puzzles

Keeping up with math skills is key during the summer months! Working on addition is great all year long.

Summer Money Puzzles

Counting and learning about money is a life skill! The summer months give a great timeframe to really work on money skills.

Summer Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Do you have a kindergartener? These math worksheets are perfect! Just print and watch their math confidence go through the roof!

Summer Learning Activities

When it comes to summer learning, this list of activities and ideas can totally help. You’ll love being able to do these activities with them or stand by and watch them shine. The summer months allow a ton of time to fit in all of them!

20 Super Fun Summer Activities for Kids by Easy Peasy and Fun

Here are twenty other great summer activities that the kids are sure to love! Just start your way at the top of the list and work your way down. It can be as simple as that.

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