Beach I Spy Graphing Printable

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The summer brings warm weather and trips to the beach. While we can’t all visit the beach, one can dream, add these Beach I spy graphing printables to your child’s day to warm up their counting skills. Great for early learners and preschool-aged children! 

These printable summer learning activities are just one of the ways to we continue to learn over the summer. We homeschool through the summer after a short break at the start of July.

This keeps our kids on a schedule and allows us to take some time off during the year without any worries. This also makes it easier to ease back into our full schedule in September.

And since we do homeschool pretty much year-round besides the short break that I mentioned above, we love to incorporate fun themes as we’re working through our printables. (and between you and me, beach themes are some of my favorites to do because who doesn’t love the thought of summer and the beach?!)

And now we have tons more fun printable kindergarten worksheets to share.

Have fun counting with this fun Beach I Spy Graphing printable

Beach I Spy Graphing Printables

As you can see from the printables, they’re great for early learners to be able to focus on and complete them on their own. 

Anytime I can have them working on an activity that is going to build their confidence and their knowledge, I feel great about that fact and will continue to foster that learning environment.

Beach I Spy Graphing Printable

What you need to get started can be found below. This activity is great because it’s so fast and simple to do. 

Print out the graphing printables. Have your child use a crayon or marker to color in the blocks as they count the items they find.

Beach I spy graphing printables

There are 3 pages of these printables that progress in difficulty. The one shown in the picture is the easiest one and then it gets harder with each page so that hopefully it will challenge your child.

Use I spy printables to make counting fun for kids who are learning to count to 20.

Extend the activity by adding these beach books, visit the beach and collect seashells, have your kids plan a trip to beach, and pack their own bags. Watch ocean documentaries and have them create a diorama about what they’ve learned.

Recommended Beach Books for Kids

When you can’t make it to the beach, bring the beach to your home with these amazing beach books to bring the ocean air inside.

We’re big fans of combining reading into our daily lives with our learning worksheets any time that we can. I’ve found that the more that the kids read about certain topics and themes, the more excited and geared up that they get for the printables, too. 

 Sun, Sun: The Joy of a Summer Day at the Beach … A stunningly illustrated, fun and delightful rhyming book for Kids 2-6 (perfect for bedtime and early reading)Sun, Sun: The Joy of a Summer Day at the Beach ... A stunningly illustrated, fun and delightful rhyming book for Kids 2-6 (perfect for bedtime and early reading) Good Night Beach (Good Night Our World)Good Night Beach (Good Night Our World) Seashore: Explore Nature with Fun Facts and Activities (Nature Explorers)Seashore: Explore Nature with Fun Facts and Activities (Nature Explorers) Seashells by the SeashoreSeashells by the Seashore

Don’t forget to get your free I Spy Printable below! 

Get the Beach Graphing Printable Here >>

Once you click on the link, the file will automatically download it to the download folder on your device.

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Get counting up to 10 with these adorable Ocean I Spy game printable meant to capture student's attention and making counting fun.

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