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Beach Letter Find Printable

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Is your child learning about uppercase and lowercase letters this summer? Learning the uppercase letters seems easier for most kids than lowercase letters are. Connecting the two, upper and lowercase, together is one of the easiest ways to help children make the connection.

Learning both upper and lowercase letters is important for both reading and writing. With this fun Beach Letter Find Printable Activity you can have kids match upper and lowercase letters together with a fun beach themed activity. This theme is perfect for summer.

And now we have tons more fun printable kindergarten worksheets to share, too.

Beach time means peace, relaxation, playing in the sand and swimming in the lake or the ocean, whichever is closest to you. We’ve made wonderful memories at the beach so why not bring it into your home?

Having a fun summer theme can help prevent summer slide, which is a main focus for many parents during the summer months. Ensuring that they can have something fun to do during the summer that will still encourage learning is perfect.

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Don't let summer slide happen, use this beach letter find printable to match upper and lowercase letters in a fun beach theme.

Beach Letter Find Printable Supplies

Print these printables out on paper and have your child find the correct upper and lowercase letter by marking them with the dot marker. My daughter loves this activity and there’s no writing needed to identify your letters.

beach letter find printables

If you’d like to reuse them, place them into a page protector and use glass beads, pom poms or blocks to place them on top of the correct answer.

To extend this activity add in some beach themed books, plan a trip to the beach, get to know different ocean animals and animals and plants that you would see near the beach.

We’re not near an ocean so you can learn about lake ecology and the type of fish the lake that you will visit has. This is fun for our little fisherman because it helps them identify the fish the catch.

beach letter find worksheets

You can also grab this Beach Letter Dot Coloring Pages for more beach learning fun.

Recommended Beach Books for Kids

 Sun, Sun: The Joy of a Summer Day at the Beach … A stunningly illustrated, fun and delightful rhyming book for Kids 2-6 (perfect for bedtime and early reading)Sun, Sun: The Joy of a Summer Day at the Beach ... A stunningly illustrated, fun and delightful rhyming book for Kids 2-6 (perfect for bedtime and early reading) Good Night Beach (Good Night Our World)Good Night Beach (Good Night Our World) Seashore: Explore Nature with Fun Facts and Activities (Nature Explorers)Seashore: Explore Nature with Fun Facts and Activities (Nature Explorers) Seashells by the SeashoreSeashells by the Seashore

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