Summer Lacing Cards

Summer lacing cards are so much fun! Are you looking for an activity to occupy those little ones this summer? 

If you think this summer activity is cool, you should check out more activities like these in my Summer Worksheets for Kids, too.

I’m sure no one wants to be thinking about school right now but it doesn’t mean you can throw in some activities to help your child rather than have them sit in front of the TV all day. Not only are these lacing cards fun for kids to do but they’re great for their fine motor skills as well.

Create these summer lacing cards at home. All you need is a printer and paper to get this going and you’ll have a fun activity for your little one to practice their fine motor skills. Once they get started, they’re never going to stop!

Summer lacing cards

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Summer Lacing Cards

We’ve been using lacing cards in our family for a long time. The kids seem to really enjoy them and they find a way to occupy their time while also using their hands and their minds.

Printable lacing cards are a perfect way to have fun and keep up those fine motor skills with your children this summer.

I find that themed lacing cards are a lot of fun because themed learning is a great way to draw in the kids. The more that they can relate to something that is currently happening or relate to topics that they’re passionate about, the more they’re going to want to continue learning.

During the summer months, we get into the summer theme. But let’s be honest…we also do some summer learning during the winter months because it gets so cold and we long for warmer weather!

No matter what time of the year you’re in, lacing cards are a great way to work the minds and hands of the kids!

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Pair this Summer Sensory Bin with these lacing cards for more summer fun.

Summer Lacing Cards Supplies

All you need are the following supplies to get started! Just gather up this list and you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect summer lacing cards!

Summer Lacing Cards

How to Make These Lacing Cards

Print out the lacing cards onto paper or cardstock, then laminate or cover in contact paper to make it more durable and hole punch it around the edges. There are 6 different pictures for your summer theme in this printable.

This is a fun and frugal activity that you can put together for your child and it can be done independently to keep them busy when you’re working with older children.

Summer lacing cards

Pair this lacing card activity with one of your favorite summer books, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean we get to stop reading.

Recommended Summer Books for Kids

Continue to grow their vocabulary and reading skills with these fun summer books. We love to cycle out books and have all various types of reading fun! I think we spend a lot of our time reading because it’s just a simple way to work the minds and have the kids learning at the same time.

I’m always amazed at how many books for kids are available out there! And there are always books being released every single day! For this reason, I know that we’re never going to run out of books!

But… just in case, I always keep a few new ones in the closet that I like to rotate out and share. I’ll either put them in the reading area of the house or keep them in the closet when we’re traveling.

I’ve found that the more that we can put books in front of the kids, the more likely they’re going to pick up a book to read! And that is always a good thing!

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Recommended Summer Activity Kits

Summer Money Puzzles

Teach your young summer lovers how to distinguish money bills and coins with these fun summer money puzzles!

Summer Color by Number Addition Worksheets

If you have older kids who are practicing their addition skills, these summer color by number addition worksheets are perfect for them, not just during summer but the entire year of learning.

Recommended Summer Toys

Summer doesn’t mean you have to be cooped up inside, get outside with these fun summer toys to get your kids moving and enjoying the warm weather.

It only lasts for a short time here in Canada so we need to soak it all up. Summer toys are a lot of fun and can be used for sensory play, too. We tend to get outside as much as we possibly can since we tend to have such long winters!

Crayola Neon Chalk 5ctCrayola Neon Chalk 5ctGrowsland Splash Pad for Toddlers, Outdoor Sprinkler for Kids, 67Growsland Splash Pad for Toddlers, Outdoor Sprinkler for Kids, 67UMIKU Water Beads 50000 Soft Beads Rainbow Mix Water Growing Balls for Kids Tactile Sensory Toys Home DécorUMIKU Water Beads 50000 Soft Beads Rainbow Mix Water Growing Balls for Kids Tactile Sensory Toys Home Décoroojami 30 Pack Big Bubble Wands - 14 inches Assortment of Colorsoojami 30 Pack Big Bubble Wands – 14 inches Assortment of ColorsBANZAI: Bump N' Bounce Body Bumpers, A Game of Bumping & Bopping, 2 Bumpers Included in Red & BlueBANZAI: Bump N’ Bounce Body Bumpers, A Game of Bumping & Bopping, 2 Bumpers Included in Red & BlueSloosh 18ft Triple Slip Slide and 3 Boogie Boards, Backyard Lawn Water Slides with Sprinkler for KidsSloosh 18ft Triple Slip Slide and 3 Boogie Boards, Backyard Lawn Water Slides with Sprinkler for Kids


If your child isn’t a fan of lacing cards, my son wasn’t too, he found it to be a difficult activity for him so he hated it.

I would race him, I’d get my own lacing card and we’d see who could finish first. Just adding them little bit of fun and surprise to the system is a great way for the kids to learn how to love this simple activity. They might even find that they prefer it over other activities!

I like lacing cards as it prepares them to learn how to tie their own shoelaces, something that took longer for my boys to do but was picked up much quicker by my daughter.

Summer Lacing Cards

Download the summer lacing cards below

If you’re looking for even more summer fun learning, don’t stop! I’m all about having a lot of learning options and worksheets for the kids so that they can continue to learn each and every day.

Don’t let them have that summer slide when it comes to the progress that they’ve made during the year!

If you are planning a road trip with your little one, check out these Road Trip Activities for Toddlers!

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