Snowman Toddler Activities

In Canada here, we’re still in the middle of winter, and what a great way to have fun with it than with these snowman toddler activities. We’ve had a light winter here compared to last winter, which was just atrocious. It’s the cold weather that keeps us coming back to these fun snowman activities. When we look at our windows and see snow, we just get the feeling that we should use that as creativity as well.

I really enjoy the fact that we don’t have to spend hours outside shoveling snow. My son asked for a snowblower, hubby replied that he already had two and they were our boys’ names. He has quite the humor, right?

My daughter doesn’t have as much of a tolerance for the cold weather, she’s a princess for real. She’ll come outside but if it’s too cold or she gets snow in her mittens, then she’s not a happy camper and she needs to head back inside.

I hope you enjoy these simple snowman activities. They’re always a huge hit with the kids! Simple for early learners and great for creativity and fine motor skills, too.

There are more activities like these in my list of Snowman Activities for Kids so it’s great if you can check them out, too!

Snowman Toddler Activities

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Recommended Snowman Activity Kits

Happy Snowman Slime

This snowman-themed slime will make your little one super happy during playtime.

The OG Snowman Playdough Kit

You should grab this snowman playdough kit if you want an awesome sensory activity for your child.

Snowman Toddler Activities

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Recommended Snowman books

Bring snowmen to life in these memorable snowman books. Stay warm while you discover these friendly snowmen. Anytime you can snuggle up with a good book, do so! There are so many things that can be learned from having the kids read books!

Sneezy the SnowmanSneezy the SnowmanSnowman's StorySnowman’s StoryThe SnowmanThe SnowmanThe Magic of Friendship SnowThe Magic of Friendship SnowSnowmen at PlaySnowmen at PlayThe Story of Snow: The Science of Winter's Wonder (Weather Books for Kids, Winter Children's Books, Science Kids Books)The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder (Weather Books for Kids, Winter Children’s Books, Science Kids Books)


You want more? You’ll love this list of snowman activities for kids.

Snowman Toddler Activities

These super fun snowman activities are perfect for early learners. Simple and easy to do!

More Snowman Activities

Snowman Science Activities

Do you have a science lover? These snowman science activities are the perfect addition to your winter activities or any time of the year.

Snowman Books for Preschoolers

If you are looking for snowman books for preschoolers, you have to see this list. They will enjoy reading these fun and early reader-friendly books.

Snowman Tracing Activities for Preschoolers

Snowman Picture Books

Snowman Place Value Puzzles

Snowman Counting Worksheet

More Winter Activities

Toilet Paper Snowflake Craft

Winter Magic Milk Experiment

Snowy Winter Slime Recipe

Winter craft ideas for toddlers by ALLternative Learning

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