Snowman Place Value Puzzles

These snowman place values puzzles show kids that there is a ones and tens place value and go up to 20. If you’re looking for a fun way to help them learn how to count, this is it!

When it’s cold and snowy outside the first thing the kids think about is building a snowman. Our kids can spend hours in the snow dressed up from head to toe, they don’t care. If you’ve got kids who love winter, then we have more winter printables for kids here. 

Me? I enjoy watching them from the kitchen window, it’s too cold for me. But snowmen are always fun and who doesn’t love Olaf from Frozen, one of my daughter’s favorite movies.

This realization helped my daughter count on from 10 easily and was a huge lightbulb moment for her. I love watching their face as they figure out new ways to solve a problem.

You’ll love this list of snowman activities for kids.

Snowman Place Value Puzzles

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Snowman Place Value Puzzles

The great thing about these place value cards is that you can easily use them for so much seasonal learning fun. When the kids start to struggle a bit with schooling or certain aspects of math, I like to switch it up and give them something different to see and focus on.

I’ve found that when I do this, they are able to get excited and focus better and this helps with their overall learning and confidence as well.

What I love most about these place value cards is that they have several different aspects that help the kids to learn. Not only can they see the number written in its true form but then they can also count the blocks to match it up to that number, too.

I also really like how you can cut them apart so that they then use it as a puzzle to put the pieces together. This works on their fine motor skills as well as their ability to work their hand muscles, too! Cutting skills is always a great learning activity to pair up with anything.

The more ways that you can get your child’s month thinking about numbers and how they go together, the faster they’ll be able to put them together easily in many different ways as well.

This will help increase and grow their analytical skills and critical thinking skills, too. You’ll find that the more you do this activity, the quicker they are going to get with their counting skills and their number recognition as well.

Snowman Place Value Puzzles

Snowman Books for Kids

Pair a fun snowman activity with one of your favorite snowman books with one of thee engaging snowman characters.

Sneezy the SnowmanSneezy the SnowmanSnowman's StorySnowman’s StoryThe SnowmanThe SnowmanThe Magic of Friendship SnowThe Magic of Friendship SnowSnowmen at PlaySnowmen at PlayThe Story of Snow: The Science of Winter's Wonder (Weather Books for Kids, Winter Children's Books, Science Kids Books)The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder (Weather Books for Kids, Winter Children’s Books, Science Kids Books)


Snowman Place Value Puzzles

Snowman Place Value Puzzles

All you need to get started at the simple supplies listed below.

Print out the puzzles onto cardstock or paper, you can cover them with contact paper if you don’t have a laminator.

I like to laminate them because they just last longer. The kids tend to play with these a lot, and I don’t want to have to keep printing them out over and over again. This means that by laminating, I can save them and don’t have to worry about them tearing or ripping.

This also protects them from water and spills, too. And I also think that when you laminate items, it makes them super easy to take with you on travels. The kids like having things to do in the car and I like giving them learning activities versus screens.

If you do print these out in black and white, let the kids color them to be creative! This is a fun idea to make the activity extend further and lets them be a part of the process, too. They can color the snowman or create fun little scenes around the snowman, too. If you want them to color the blocks, go for it!

As long as they can still use them for learning and for the purpose, its’ game on!

For more winter printables, check out these Winter Printables for Kids you have to try.

Snowman Place Value Puzzles

Recommended Snowman Activity Kits

Happy Snowman Slime

This snowman-themed slime will make your little one super happy during playtime.

The OG Snowman Playdough Kit

You should grab this snowman playdough kit if you want an awesome sensory activity for your child.

Snowman Place Value Puzzles

Fun Learning Activities to Try

To extend the activity, read some wonderful snowmen books and go outside and build your own snowman. Sometimes I sit the kids down and have them work on the cards while I’m reading a story to them while other times we focus on just listening to the words in the book. I think trying it a few different ways to find out what works best is great.

Bring the snow inside and watch a snowman melt and speed it up with salt. This is a simple way to combine some STEM learning with fun! They’ll even feel a bit magical doing this – but be ready, this will go on and on for a while so stock up on the salt!

Create your own sensory bin with snow from outside, no snow yet? Try ice cubes. Make your own snow cones. So much fun ideas with snow and ice.

Sensory bins are great because the kids can really just have fun playing in them. Since it’s winter, this one should be all about the cold. You can add the snow and use objects from nature like sticks and pinecones in the sensory bin. Or, if you’re going to do one inside with ice cubes, have them get some of their fun little plastic toys and create a winter wonderland!

Download your snowman place value puzzles below!

More Winter Printables for Kids

Don’t forget that you can find an endless supply of printables online that can go along with your winter learning theme. You can use many resources to print, download, or just pull up on your screen to help your child get better at math and learning.

Some more great printables are:

Winter Letter Find Worksheets

With just a few markers or stamps, your kids can immerse themselves in finding different pairs of letters.

Snowman Coloring Pages

These snowman-themed coloring pages will surely bring lots of fun to your little one. It’s also a fun activity to do when you don’t feel like going outside during winter.

Arctic Animals Addition Cards

Your kids will have great math practice with these arctic animals addition cards. Perfect winter math printable for early learners.

Shoveling Snow Labeling Worksheet | Simple Fun for Kids

Printable i Spy Games for Kids to Play ~ Snowflake Edition | The Natural Homeschool

Winter Wonderland How Many Words Worksheet | Artsy Momma

Do you want to roll a penguin?  |  Mrs. Karleā€™s Sight and Sound Reading

More Snowman Activities

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Snowman Books for Kids

Simple Snowman Sensory Bin

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