Simple Snowman Marshmallow STEM Challenge

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your kids, try this Snowman Marshmallow STEM challenge and challenge your kids to build the tallest snowman. This is a fun way that they can create and build their own snowman without even having to step outside at all!

STEM challenges are engaging activities that get your child using their problem solving and strategy skills to solve a problem that you give them. This is one activity that they can easily do on their own.

They’re required to try again when it fails and to troubleshoot through their own solutions. I love this this helps them to think analytically and creatively, too.

You’ll love this list of snowman activities for kids.

Simple Snowman Marshmallow STEM Challenge

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Simple Snowman Marshmallow STEM Challenge

STEM challenges use a ton of skills but can require as many or as little supplies as you like. I love this activity because it’s minimal but provides hours of creative fun.

They are also great for kids of all ages. With younger kids you can give them a problem to tackle.

With older kids, you can impose more rules by limiting their resources or adding other rules to make them think through a different solution ie. they can only use a certain number of marshmallows or toothpicks.

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Simple Snowman Marshmallow STEM challenge supplies

What is STEM?

STEM is the education plan of teaching science that covers science, technology, engineering and math.

Science is all around is and with the explosion of technology it’s such an important skill to explore and discover the world around us.

It fosters innovation, discovery, problem solving, and collaboration skills that can’t get gained from other subjects.

With so many technological changes, STEM can be a successful career path for kids to prepare them for the future.

I love STEM challenges for any kids because it challenges them to use their brain in different ways. My daughter enjoys STEM challenges for their creativity and the things that she can design.

My son who is more logical and math oriented enjoys coming up with a solution to a a problem and uses a more analytical approach.

Marshmallow STEM Challenge Supplies

All you need to get started are the simple supplies listed below. It couldn’t be easier to get started.

  • Large marshmallows
  • Toothpicks
  • Black and orange marker
  • Rule

We just decided to have a ton of fun so they decided who could make the tallest snowman. We had our ruler out to measure their creation. It was important to make sure that we were factual in our measurements. And it was also a great way to get the kids to learn how to read a ruler, too.

The rules were that the snowman had to stand up on it’s own for 20 seconds. This was key – and a timer was necessary.

This proved to be harder than they thought.

Their snowman could stand for a short time but would then flop over. It was at this point in time that they realized that they were going to have to start altering their plans.

This was my daughter’s creation and he had a hard time standing up. She build a support system for him that was composed of marshmallows that went behind him to help hold him up.

Simple Snowman Marshmallow STEM challenge

When I asked my 12 year old son to create the tallest snowman, this is what I got.

He first build the snowman’s body going straight up but then he ran into the same problem.

He wouldn’t stand up.

So then he created a base for him to help him support himself so he was able to remain standing on his own.

Simple Snowman Marshmallow STEM challenge

He added more toothpicks for height and then he drew his face on which he says added artistic flair to his creation.

I think that it’s a really cool challenge because it really does have the kids figure it out on their own to recreate another scenario. If it didn’t work the first time, the kids will have to figure it out and build it another way.

The more that they can try and fail, the more that they can think creatively and try and figure out a way to make it work. This was such a great learning aspect of this activity and it encouraged the kids to be patient at the same time, too.

More STEM challenge ideas

Don’t stop with this fun activity. There are so many ways that the kids can be creative with more STEM fun.

  • Limit the number of toothpicks
  • Limit the number of marshmallows
  • Build the tallest snowman
  • Build the strongest snowman – test how much weight it can hold
  • Add more building materials – smaller marshmallows or pipe cleaners
  • Read a snowman book and build a character from the story

Snowman Books

Don’t forget to factor in some reading to your learning fun! Below are just a few of our favorite books that we love to read together. There are so many great books about snowman that you can swap them out and change them up all the time!

Once the cold weather hits and starts to snow, we love pulling out our snowman books and reading each and every page together. I like to keep books in all rooms of the house so that they’re available when the kids want to read them.

I also swap out books weekly with new titles so the kids have new books that they can sit and open and read. This keeps reading new and fun for the kids! Plus, new books are always fun to read. They have new words and new pictures to look at too!

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Did you enjoy this snowman marshmallow STEM challenge? Grab the Christmas STEM Challenge cards. While they’re enjoying the activities, go ahead and do some more. The more STEM that they can learn, the better!

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