Fizzy Snowman Science Experiment

This Fizzy Snowman Science Experiment is the perfect way to kick off the winter season! Bundle it, it’s going to be a long and educational winter!

Winter is in full swing again and the kids are getting stir crazy. When kids start getting fuzzy or bouncing off the walls often a sensory activity will help turn them back around. This fizzy glittery snowman activity is a great way to keep kids busy for a bit.

While we try to spend time outdoors running around and burning up energy, sometimes…it’s just too cold to make it happen! This is where it’s so important to always have an inside backup or plan in place.

You’ll love this list of snowman activities for kids.

The sensory aspect of this activity is great for helping under or over-stimulated children do a quick reset. You can set this up on a small cookies sheet and let dry, then store flat inside a 2-gallon ziplock bag on the shelf until you need it.

This is truly one of those science experiments that your child will want to do over and over again! And as long as they’re learning and using these projects, I’m 100% fine with making that happen!

This Fizzy Snowman Science experiment is the perfect way to kick off winter and work on learning all about science! Your child will love watching it fizz! #science #experiment #homeschooling #homeschool #winter #snowman

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Fizzy Snowman Science Experiment

What I love about this simple snowman science experiment is that it keeps the kids interested in wanting to learn. They’ll be able to use their hands and minds and are going to be amazed at how the activity happens no matter how many times they do it.

And let’s be real – anything fizzy and fun is sure to be a hit! The kids will love being able to be a part of this activity and do it over and over again.

In our home, we combine fun with learning so this is why I love this Fizzy Snowman Science Experiment so much! Don’t forget to check out other Fizzy Experiments Your Kids Will Love.

Recommended Snowman Books

Reading with your child is always recommended! Pair up these great books with this awesome Science Experiment for a great lesson in snowman learning!

They’ll love the magic of these special snowman characters. No matter what lesson you’re learning or teaching to your children, make certain to add in some books. Themed books are an amazing way to keep them engaged and to keep their minds thinking about the subject long after the activity is done.

Don’t forget to swap out the books and give them new ones to read! Since there are so many winter books and fun learning ideas, you can easily have a winter full of new books.

Sneezy the SnowmanSneezy the SnowmanSnowman's StorySnowman’s StoryThe SnowmanThe SnowmanThe Magic of Friendship SnowThe Magic of Friendship SnowSnowmen at PlaySnowmen at PlayThe Story of Snow: The Science of Winter's Wonder (Weather Books for Kids, Winter Children's Books, Science Kids Books)The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder (Weather Books for Kids, Winter Children’s Books, Science Kids Books)


Add this Pinecone Snowman Craft to your snowman lessons.

Fizzy Snowman Science Activity

Snowman Science Supplies

Just gather up the small list of supplies needed for this Snowman STEM activity.

stem snowman craft

Mix a small bit of water into a small bowl of baking soda, and glitter adding more as needed. If you add too much water add more baking soda to create a thick paste similar to a thick toothpaste.

Press the glittery baking soda paste into cookie cutters. Lined up like a snowman’s body.

Fizzy Snowman Science

Use a paper towel to soak up excess liquid off the top and clean around the edges.

Remove the cookie cutters.

Decorate the snowman using icing, sticks, and a tiny sliver of carrot for a nose.

Doesn’t he look like the perfect snowman?

Fizzy Snowman Science on a baking sheet

Now it’s time to get messy.

Let your children play, encourage them to touch the glittery snowman before you make him fizz. Then allow them to spray or dump vinegar onto the snowman. Encourage kids to squish and feel the fizzing snowman.

Child spraying the Fizzy Snowman with a vinegar bottle

What happens to the color from the icing? What happens to the glitter? How does this remind you of real snow? How is it different?

What happens when vinegar is mixed with baking soda?

The vinegar is an acid and the baking soda is base, when they are mixed together, the hydrogen ions from the acid (vinegar) combine with the sodium and bicarbonate to form carbonic acid.

That then gets broken down into water (H2O) and carbon dioxide which forms those bubbles that you see.

It’s one of our favorite reactions when you’re studying chemistry. I love it because it really does create quite an amazing reaction once they’re combined together and the kids will be hooked on this type of “magic” time and time again. They won’t even realize that they’re learning!

Why is messy play learning important?

I’m a big believer that kids learn in a variety of different ways. Some are visual learners, some are hands-on learners, and some are a mixture of both. Messy play teaches the kids to learn with their senses.

It encourages them to listen to the directions, follow them, and then dig in with their hands. This is fun for younger kids, and older kids, too.

Make sure that you do have a conversation with them about the importance of reading directions and following them. Not all science activities and experiments are meant to be touched or played with so this is where learning is key.

This messy play activity is a fun way to watch melt and use in that way but there will be times when they can’t touch items or mix them around and it’s important that they know the difference and when to pay attention.

Fizzy Snowman Science Activity

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