Snowman Science Activities

Teach your kids about science in a fun and easy way this winter with Snowman Science Activities! These are perfect for kids of all ages, and they’re educational too!

With these activities, you can have hours of fun performing science experiments at the comfort of your home.

Keep reading to know what Snowman Science Activities you can try!

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Snowman Science Activities

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Recommended Snowman Books for Kids

Read these fun and educational books about snowmen. Kids will love the stories that will warm their hearts this winter.

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What makes snow stick together?

The next time you’re building a snowman, take a closer look at the snow. Have you ever wondered why snow sticks together? It turns out there’s a reason snow is perfect for building snowmen…and it has to do with science!

Snowflakes are covered in tiny bristles that help them to stick together. When snowflakes land on the ground, they form a light, fluffy layer. However, when snow is packed together, the bristles interlock and create a more solid structure. That’s why snow is perfect for building snowmen…or forts, snowball fights, and other winter fun!

So next time you’re playing in the snow, take a moment to appreciate the science of snowflakes. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even learn something new about the winter wonderland around you.

Snowman Science Activities

Recommended Snowman Activity Kits

Happy Snowman Slime

This snowman-themed slime will make your little one super happy during playtime.

The OG Snowman Playdough Kit

You should grab this snowman playdough kit if you want an awesome sensory activity for your child.

Snowman Science Activities

Your little one will surely have a great time with these snowman science activities. Perfect for budding scientists!

Make sure to try these snowman science activities with your kids. I am sure learning will be exciting for everyone.

More Snowman Activities

Snowman Writing Worksheets

Do you want your kids to have fun handwriting practice this winter? Grab these snowman writing worksheets that include writing pages for the letter S, letter T, and the words snowman, snowflake, and tree!

Snowman Coloring Pages

These snowman-themed coloring pages will surely bring lots of fun to your little one. It’s also a fun activity to do when you don’t feel like going outside during winter.

Snowman Activity Sheets

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