Toddler Activities for Learning Fun

Do you have a toddler clinging onto your leg or bothering their siblings during school? Then you can keep them happy with some fun toddler activities without spending a ton of money on toys and gadgets they’ll only play with once.

My goal is to document what we’ve been doing with my toddler so that you can see how you can teach frugally and still have lots of learning taking place.
Fun and frugal toddler activities for learning fun, don't stick them in front of the TV, try these fun toddler activities to teach them new skills.

My daughter is always chasing after her older brother so when he sits down for school, she needs to have something to do as well or she will just keep bothering him. She loves to have her own set of books and school supplies so that she can do school work like her brothers. I’ve filled them with printable worksheets that she loves to color and write on.

I also set up a bookcase with activities that she can pull from and play with on her own. All of the felt board activities are in a bin on the shelf as well. This is what I have so far and I’ll add more as we go along.


Great Toddler Activities and Ideas

Recommended Toddler Activities

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