Toddler Activities with Easter Eggs

These toddler activities are perfect for teaching your toddlers about colors and they’re super simple and frugal to put together.  Need ideas for toddler activities with Easter eggs?

These Easter eggs were purchased for $1 from the dollar store and they have provided a lot of fun for my little one.

These eggs are bright and colorful so of course my kids were excited when I purchased them. They got a hold of them first and just found stuff to shove inside them during their pretend play together.

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Frugal learning toddler activities using Easter eggs

I realized I better do something with them first before they got destroyed, you know how boys go. 

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Toddler activities with Easter eggs supplies:

I used an empty egg carton to rest my open eggs in and then found pom poms in corresponding colors and placed them into a container. I asked my daughter what color the pom pom was and repeated it, I then asked her to put it inside the corresponding egg. She caught on pretty quickly on what to do while she learned to pronounce the colors each time she picked up another one.

Afterwards, I opened up all of the eggs and then mixed them up on the table. I asked her to find the right color and she started to match them up. Again she’d ask what color the egg was that she picked up if she didn’t know.


It was good fine motor practice as well, lining up the eggs together and them clipping them so they stayed closed. It took a little bit of practice but she got the hang of it.

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  1. Love simple fun easy to setup activities. Will be doing this one next week.

  2. This is exactly what our kids have been doing recently with their plastic eggs and the pom-poms!! They hide them, open them up to discover what’s inside, play hen laying an egg (role-play), etc… The plastic egg cartons are nice because you can see the colored eggs through them. The only thing about leaving the eggs scattered is that it’s easy to break them when you accidently step on them ( by experience here).

    1. That’s wonderful! My daughter loves using her plastic eggs. Yep, I’ve stepped on plenty of things here as well.

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