Easter Bookmarks Printable

Need a fun and creative activity for Easter? Grab this Easter Bookmarks Printable for your little reader to color and use to keep their place in their favorite book.

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This easy-to-follow activity encourages kids to express their creativity with color and design. Kids of all ages will love this festive way to make reading more enjoyable as they create bookmarks they can show off to their friends.

There are four Easter Bookmarks Printable on a table.

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Easter Books for Kids

Books can open up so many educational opportunities, including developing strong reading skills, improving their knowledge on a variety of topics, and expanding their imaginations. Books also provide an escape from everyday life, sparking creative thinking and teaching lessons about courage, friendship, and resilience.

These Easter books are the perfect pair for these easter bookmarks. Start reading with your kids now!

Marshmallow: An Easter And Springtime Book For KidsMarshmallow: An Easter And Springtime Book For KidsFancy Nancy and the Missing Easter Bunny: An Easter And Springtime Book For KidsFancy Nancy and the Missing Easter Bunny: An Easter And Springtime Book For KidsThe Night Before EasterThe Night Before EasterHappy Easter from the CrayonsHappy Easter from the CrayonsHow to Catch the Easter BunnyHow to Catch the Easter BunnyGod Gave Us Easter (God Gave Us Series)God Gave Us Easter (God Gave Us Series)


Why learn about Easter?

During this special time of Easter, the kids are full of joy and excitement. It is the perfect time to bond with family, eat chocolate eggs and give gifts. But above all else, Easter is the perfect opportunity for the kids to love reading!

They can also learn about the story of Jesus’ resurrection. Reading books about this holy event can be very beneficial for children, as it teaches them about faith, hope, and the importance of sharing love with each other.

By introducing them to Easter stories in a fun way through reading children’s books, kids can learn valuable lessons whilst still having lots of fun! Plus, they will gain knowledge and understanding that they’ll keep in their heart forever.

Easter Bookmarks Printable Supplies

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Two Easter Bookmarks Printable on a table.

Recommended Easter Toys

Of course, your kids will have reading breaks from time to time. What better way to spend reading breaks than to play with toys? This selection of toys will keep your kids excited and engaged with the Easter season!

Easter Plush Stuffed Bunny ToyEaster Plush Stuffed Bunny ToyEaster Wooden Carrot ToysEaster Wooden Carrot ToysStretchy Carrot SensoryStretchy Carrot Sensory🥚 Set of 2 Surprise Growing Hatching Rainbow Egg Kids Toys (Unicorn) 🦄🥚 Set of 2 Surprise Growing Hatching Rainbow Egg Kids Toys (Unicorn) 🦄PETBSNVB Bunny Carrot Pop it Fidget Sensory ToysPETBSNVB Bunny Carrot Pop it Fidget Sensory ToysHYmoso 4 Pack Easter Wooden Puzzles for KidsHYmoso 4 Pack Easter Wooden Puzzles for Kids


How do you use this Easter Bookmarks Printable?

With cheerful illustrations, kids will love to personalize their bookmarks by adding glitter and color to them. Let them explore and play with their imagination about this holiday by organizing an arts and crafts session for coloring their Easter bookmarks!

They’ll be proud of each completed bookmark, giving them a sense of accomplishment and separating their own books from everybody else’s! So why don’t you gather materials around the house and let your kids embark on a cherished Easter bunny crafting adventure?

Two Easter Bookmarks Printable on a table.

These bookmarks are perfect for kids of all ages. So gather some colored pens, markers, or pencils, get creative, and let your imagination run wild!

Make them as simple or as intricate as you like – they’re an easy way to brighten up any reading material so you can show off your bookworm pride.

Download the Easter Bookmarks Printable below

Go ahead and print out these printable bookmarks for Easter, your kids will enjoy decorating their own bookmarks to keep their place in their favorite books.

Have an eggcellent Easter everyone!

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