Rainy Day Toddler Activities

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When you’re locked up inside with a toddler, things can get a little hairy, these rainy day toddler activities could be a life saver. You can use simple items around the home to have a blast with your toddler. Who said no one could have fun in the rain?

Rainy Day Toddler Activities

Toddler Play with Straws and Cotton Swabs

If you look in your cupboards right now, you already have everything you need for this simple toddler play idea.

Toddler Play with Tissue Paper and Pinecones

This is no mess and loads of fun.

Flower Sensory Soup

Bring outside indoors with these wonderful flower sensory soup, a great idea when you can’t get outside.

Take a look at these fun toddler activities you have to try.

Rain Cloud Finger Paint Art for Kids – Simple Fun for Kids

Bring the rainy clouds indoors with this fun finger painting project.

Rainy Day Fun – Artsy Mama

What could possibly be more fun on a rainy day than going outside and actually playing in the rain? You only live once, mom!

The Best Indoor Rainy Day Activity Ever – True Aim Education

In “Princess Diaries” style, turn your staircase into an indoor “snow hill” to “sled” down! If you don’t feel comfortable using a mattress, try substituting with gym mats or card board. This will create hours of fun!

Rainy Day Math Game – My Nearest and Dearest

Keep your kids entertained on a rainy day with this fun game while incorporating a little bit of learning at the same time. Although it does require some initial set up (cutting), practice numbers and patterns.

Rainy Day Fun – Paper Bag Houses – Inner Child Fun

Let creativity run wild and create a little town or city of houses and buildings out of paper bags.

Rainy Day Box – My Bored Toddler

Create a rainy day box full of fun activities that you only pull out when it gets too wet to play outside. Here are a few simple ideas!

Rainy Day Splatter Painting – Mama.Pappa.Bubba

A little bit of food color and rain mixed together makes for this fun and colorful painting project on a rainy day.

Rainy Day Fun: Science Experiment for Kids – A Mom With a Lesson Plan

What happens when everyday objects get wet? Take some items out into the rain and see how the rain changes them. Then have a discussion about it with your toddler.

Gross Motor Activity for a Rainy Day: Walking on Pillows – Hands on as we Grow

Pretend the floor is hot lava and hop from “island” to “island” all while developing gross motor skills.

Rainy Day Rhythm Games for Kids – Let’s Play Music

Learn even more rainy day songs, and use these rhythm packs to play different games with them as well!

Rainbow Colour Hunt – Rainy Day Activity – Red Ted Art

Pick a color and see how many items in your house you can find in that color. Then take a picture of all oft he things you find.

Rainy Day Fun: Baby and Toddler Flashlight Games – CanDo Kiddo

Take advantage of the dark skies on a rainy day to bust out the flashlights and play these fun games with your toddler.

Indoor Hopscotch – A Rainy Day Activity for Toddlers – Happy Hooligans

Just because its raining outside doesn’t mean you can’t bring the hopscotch inside!

The Umbrella Song: Rainy Day Songs – Let’s Play Music

Learn this fun song and sing it with your toddler on your next rainy day, and it will help them with learning rhythm recognition, coordinated movement, memory, and exploring the sounds of the rain.

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