Rainbow STEM Activities

Whether your kids are homeschooled or just looking for something fun and educational to do on a rainy day, these rainbow STEM activities will have them learning in no time!

What’s the best way to brighten up a dreary day? A rainbow of course!

Rainbows are beautiful and mysterious, and they can be a great way to get kids excited about science.

For more rainbow-themed ideas, check out these Colorful Rainbow Activities for Kids.

Rainbow STEM Activities

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Rainbow STEM Activities for Kids

Rainbows are a magical sight that makes us smile and feel connected to the world around us. They not only look beautiful, but they can also teach us about science and technology.

With some simple materials and a little creativity, you can give your kids the opportunity to explore some rainbow facts with some fun rainbow STEM activities.

For example, you can make rainbow slime! Using food coloring, you can create different colors of slime and let your kids experiment with mixing them together. Talk about what happens when two colors mix together and how light reflects off of the colors to create a rainbow effect. Your kids will have tons of fun while learning all about color theory!

Exploring rainbows through STEM activities is an awesome way to engage little ones in learning something new while having fun at the same time! Kids will love experimenting with different colors while gaining an understanding of science concepts like light refraction, engineering principles, and more!

Kids will love these colorful activities to get them excited to learn about the colors of the rainbow and how they’re formed.

KIDS LOVE COLORS! That is why grabbing these rainbow books for them is a great idea. With these books, they will learn how rainbows are formed and why everyone loves seeing them!

Rain Before RainbowsRain Before RainbowsHow the Crayons Saved the RainbowHow the Crayons Saved the RainbowThe Rainbow BeeThe Rainbow Beeall about RAINBOW: Encyclopedia Book for kids age 5 and upall about RAINBOW: Encyclopedia Book for kids age 5 and upRainbow: Ready-to-Read Level 1 (Weather Ready-to-Reads)Rainbow: Ready-to-Read Level 1 (Weather Ready-to-Reads)Did You Know? The Rainbow EditionDid You Know? The Rainbow Edition


collage of Rainbow STEM Activities

Rainbow Sensory Tray

Your little one will enjoy hours of playing with this rainbow sensory tray! Grab this activity kit for a fun way to develop fine motor skills while they enjoy an educational imaginative play.

Rainbow Crafts Box

Get this rainbow-themed crafts box. Kids will love making colorful arts and crafts with this activity kit.

Rainbow STEM Activities

Whether you're learning how rainbows are formed or you just want a colorful activity to do with your little one, you can always count on these Rainbow STEM Activities!

Rainbow STEM activities can be both educational and entertaining for kids! With these activities, you can help your children learn more about color mixing, engineering principles, and meteorology in an exciting way that will keep them engaged for hours on end.

So don’t let gloomy days bring down your family’s spirits – break out the rainbow supplies instead! You never know what new discoveries await when you turn learning into playtime!

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