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Make Your Own Felt Dinosaurs

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My son is in love with dinosaurs so for our next felt craft project it was natural that we made our own felt dinosaurs. Both of my boys at this age we and still are in love with dinosaurs. My oldest and I spent an entire year on Dinosaurs using the Usborne Encyclopedia and notebooking our way through it. We notebooked our way through the Mesozoic period – the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous period.

I really thought that he’d get tired of dinosaurs but he never tired of dinosaurs. My oldest still asks about what he has to do to become a paleontologist. So we’ll see where that leads.

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Have fun designing your own felt dinosaurs

I was told that I had to make a carnivore and herbivore because obviously one has to eat the other. When my son plays with his dinosaur, he has a pretty methodical way about how each one should look. His herbivore can’t have sharp teeth. While my preschooler will pile everything onto her one dinosaur. As many that can fit on there and she has a ball with it.

What do you need to make felt dinosaurs?

  • scissors
  • black marker – eyes
  • felt sheets – purple, blue, red, yellow, white (teeth, eyes), blue, and orange – really any color you wish

I cut out all different shapes for our dinosaurs in a variety of colors. I had circles, triangles and squares along with stripes and zigzag patterns to decorate our dinosaurs. I used the black marker to color in the eye on the white felt.

My son liked using the triangles as spikes for his dinosaur, the white ones were used for teeth or claws, while my daughter didn’t care where they were placed and piled everything onto hers.

Our favorite dinosaur books

These are some of our favorite books, my boys prefer the non-fiction dinosaur books to fiction ones but they have enjoyed a lot of the picture books as well.

What are your childrens’ favorite dinosaur books?

fun and frugal felt dinosaurs that you can decorate any way you like

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