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How to Make a Paper Mache Dinosaur Land

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This is what we’ve been working on for the past week. M1 wanted a play area for his dinosaurs so we decided to make something for them. Ever wonder how to make a paper mache dinosaur land?

This was at the height of my son’s love for dinos. He knows them all and loves his carnivores of course what little boy wouldn’t.

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How to Make a Paper Mache Dinosaur Land

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Materials for dinosaur land

  • large bowl
  • flour
  • water
  • shredded newspaper
  • white paper towels
  • empty plastic water bottle
  • paint
  • masking tape
  • a large piece of cardboard

Instructions for dinosaur habitat

We first crumpled up the newspaper and taped it down to the cardboard to make the hills. We also used masking tape to a tape down the water bottle to the cardboard as well. Don’t worry about making look pretty it’s going to get covered up. We also added some crumpled newspaper to the base of the water bottle and taped it down.

Adding crumpled paper with paper mache to large cardboard for a dinosaur habitat

Then we made a paper mache paste that was 1 part water to 1 part flour. Add in the newspaper and keep adding layers until your whole board is covered up. We waited for it to dry and then added a second layer using the white paper towel.

Then it was painted. M1 painted it all by himself, except for the volcano, which I did. I was advised that it could only be brown when I tried to mix in some other colors, he was not happy with me. He now wants to make a second one, since he can’t fit all his dinos on it. I have no problem building things with him, but I just have no space to store it.

The dinosaur land is painted with greens and brown for the volcano

We made cut-out trees, a deciduous and coniferous tree, and a cactus. I asked why didn’t he put his cactus on and he told me that they were for deserts and that this environment was very warm. “oh” I said. lol. Of course, how did I miss that?

The paper mache dinosaur land completed with plastic dinosaurs and paper trees.

We had to throw this out when we moved but we made a new one for our new home. Now his younger brother wants to make one too.

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