Felt Board Stories: Mo Willems’ Pigeon books

I’m continuing with my felt activities series, I made our first felt board stories, it encompasses more than one book from Mo Willems. You can see my other felt craft projects as well. Are you a huge Mo Willems' fan? We made our own Felt Board Stories for the Mo Willems' Pigeon books because we love the Pigeon and Duckling books, my daughter still enjoys playing with these. I introduced my youngest son to Mo Willems’ books when he was little and he has memorized all of them. Now that he can read, he reads them all to me but I’m sure it’s because he’s committed them to memory.

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Mo Willems’ Books

If you haven’t read his books, they are so fun and my little guy loves them all. My daughter is right there with him in her love for his books. I had one of the pigeon books out and she was looking at the back cover and saw the bus and night hat so I had to include those as well in our felt stories board. This was really fun, I loved making this because it didn’t involve as much sewing, I needed my felt, needle, thread, scissors and a glue gun. The only thing I had to sew was the nuts in the chocolate chip cookie which was easy peasy quick.

Materials for our felt board stories

Felt Sheets
  • light blue – pigeon, eye, windows
  • dark blue – bus, eye, hat
  • yellow = bunny, duckling, beak
  • orange – beak, feet
  • black – feet, eyes, nose
  • white – collar, eyes
  • beige – cookie
  • brown – chocolate chips
Have fun creating an awesome felt story board for your little one based on The Pigeon Books #homeschool #preschool With the pieces that I created were could go through a book and my son would build the scene as I read. He loves how the Pigeon gets all crazy when he doesn’t get what he wants, hence the big bulgy eye. In Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late he doesn’t want to go to sleep and then he dreams of a hot dog party. My son specifically requested that I make the hot dogs. When my son was playing with it he wanted everything in the perfect place. When my daughter was playing with it, she did whatever she wanted and chose to take all the eyes and place them on the body. She had a lot of fun. I’m having a lot of fun creating stuff with all this felt. I’d like to make a larger felt board but haven’t found a good local supply store yet. Take a look at the other toddler activities we’ve made with felt as well.

Make your own felt food for hours of pretend play #jhomeschool Make your own pizza over and over again #homeschool You can also follow me on Pinterest for more felt activity ideas.

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  1. I’m enjoying your felt board series. I’ve just begun using a felt board with my daughter. such fun!

    1. Thank you, my kids are enjoying them as well.

  2. Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party! Your post has been pinned to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board 🙂

    This looks lot a really fun activity to do with my niece and nephew when they visit. I don’t have much experience with sewing but they love to use the glue, lol.

  3. Juliet Betzelberger says:

    When my kids were little I was gifted a table protection pad that made the perfect felt board ever! It was “hinged” so we could set it up in a /\ shape and two kids could make scenes at once. Now I have little ones again (foster care) and I wish I still had it . . . I’ve also glued felt to the inside of a (large) cookie sheet for a combination felt board / magnet board. Anyway, thanks for these, we LOVE Mo Willems,

    1. Thank you, I’m looking to do something, my daughter loves them as well.

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