Best Educational Subscription Boxes Your Kids Will Love

See the best educational subscription boxes right here, they come right to your door with everything you need for the projects. It’s amazing, your kids get a fun project, no prep time for you and everyone is happy. Some of them come with multiple projects and they’ve been so much fun.

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You’ve started your day and your child asks to do a fun science experiment or cool art project and you look like a dear in the headlights because you can’t remember when the last time you did any crafting. You bulk at the idea of experiments because you never have the supplies on hand to do anything then your kids get disappointed in your and you feel like a mom failure.

You know that feeling where you should be doing way more fun and exciting hands-on projects but you never remember to hit the art supplies aisle on the way to get diapers, or you’re lucky you got the toilet paper but completely forgot about the vinegar and baking soda.

Want to know which is the Best Educational Subscription Boxes Your Kids Will Love? These monthly subscription boxes make the perfect gifts for kids.

Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate is the perfect intro kit for young STEM learners. Learn about art, engineering, and science with this tinker kit for ages 5-8. Kids are free to learn and explore the world of STEM, and the versatility in kits allow them to find their unique passions and interests.

In the first kit, they built this cool arm grabber that can pick up those monsters, it’s so cute and all of the kids enjoyed playing with it.

We also got a unit on the human body where my daughter sewed felt organs together and was able to place them on a life size human body outline.

Tinker Crate

A subset of Kiwi Co, Tinker Crate offers a laboratory for hands-on science experiments. Each comes with all items needed for the activity, detailed instructions and video tutorials. These kits are aimed at ages 9-16, but can be adapted for younger and older learners.

In the first kit, they learned about electric circuits. He has also made slime, a constellation project, and so many fun projects.

Green Kids Crafts

Green Kids Craft is a monthly subscription that offers science and art kits! They’re designed for ages 3-10, and include craft ideas and science experiments. Plus, kits come with step by step directions and are created with eco-friendly materials. The kids made a gorgeous art project using watercolors and bubbles.

Creation Crate

Get involved with STEM with Creation Crate! Creation Crate’s monthly kits focus on combining science and technology while teaching kids coding and programming. Each box will come with all the parts you need to complete the project. These kits are great for ages 12+, and they have four plans for one month, three months, six months, or one-year subscriptions.

Little Passports

Introduce kids to geography, cultures and science with this monthly subscription box! There are four boxes to choose from: early explorers (ages 3-5), world edition (ages 6-10), USA edition (ages 7-12), and science expeditions (ages 9+). Prices range from $12.95 to $18.95 a month. Each package includes fun souvenirs (for the history/geography packages), activity sheets, photos, stickers, and hands-on learning ideas!

We used the World Edition and my son really enjoyed it and it started many discussions on those countries and gets them interested in the world around them.

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Kid Art Lit

This wonderful subscription box brings books and art together. Each month you receive a new book and a craft project to go with, what’s better? The kit also included scissors and glue for the project, so really you did not need anything else at all. You can also enjoy free shipping in the U.S.

It has enough materials so two kids can use it. Love! I questioned whether my daughter, who is 5, was going to enjoy the book but it was a great read and it got her excited about making her own tree from the book.

The instructions are so detailed and really encourage the parents to let their kids do it on their own. I was going to cut the holes in the paper for my daughter but after she saw me do one, she grabbed it and did the rest herself.

I haven’t tried these other subscription boxes but they’re definitely worth a mention. Unfortunately, being in Canada makes shipping cost somewhat prohibitory but I’d get all of them if I could.

Steve Sprangler

Spark creativity with with these Steve Sprangler science kits! Steve Sprangler is best known for his Emmy award winning television show. Each experiment is created for some extra “wow” factor to keep kids excited and engaged.

Kits are created for ages 7-14, but younger kids can get involved with an adult’s supervision and help! There are three packages ranging from 1 STEM activity per month to up to 10 experiments a month.

Reading Bug Box

Kids hesitant readers? Try the Reading Bug Box! Great for ages 0-13, get a personalized box in the mail full of hand-tailored books appropriate to your child’s age and interests! They have three different boxes to ensure that you find the right one that works for your family.

M is for Monster

Perfect for eager preschoolers, these monthly kits help young learners learn basic skills such as letters, colors, numbers, fine motor skills, and more. They have a variety of boxes available for multiple budgets and needs, making this kit flexible and easy to work with!

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Best Subscription Boxes for Kids

Which did you like the best? Our favorite subscription box has definitely been the Kiwi and Tinker Crate boxes from Kiwico. Each box comes with multiple projects and they were at the perfect level for my kids and very engaging.

While we didn’t know what would be included in each box, they looked forward to it each month. The quality of the material inside the box was very good as well. The led lights and copper tape projects we done well. My son liked using the lights in the constellation project too.

Will you try one of these monthly subscription boxes for kids?

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