Geography Studies for Kids

If you want to get your child interested in Geography then Little Passports can be a blessing delivered to your doorstep each month. My son loves getting his own piece of mail each month and looks forward to learning about a new country each time.

You're never too young to start learning geography

While the kits are not a complete curriculum, they are a wonderful tool to pique your child’s curiosity about a new country and get them excited to learn. You could easily extend these activities with books, maps and more hands on activities or crafts.

Each month you get a new kit for a different country, the first month includes the starter set where you get your luggage, map, passport, post card and your first boarding pass. You meet Sofia and Sam who will be sending you these kits from around the world as they travel on the motorcycle.

The boarding pass holds a unique secret code which you can logon to their site and complete trivia questions, games and there’s an interactive map of the country that you’re studying.

For our 6 month subscription, we received a kit from each of these countries.

  • The starter kit
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Egypt
  • Japan
  • Austrailia

Each month you get a letter from Sam and Sofia with questions or puzzles about the new country, stickers for your map and passport, a boarding pass, a post card and a small gift related to the country. For Brazil we got a small amythyst rock and france included a small picture camera with French monuments.

Geography studies for kids

The Egypt kit was very timely because we’re studying ancient Egypt in history so he knew a lot of the information already but enjoyed digging out the mummy from the plaster like a real archaeologist would do. He also noted how hard they must work because it took him a long time and some help from momma before he removed the mummy figure. He was very proud of his hard work.

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