Learn Electric Circuits for Kids

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This year for my son’s birthday I got him a subscription to Tinker Crate, yep, it’s a two for one, he’s getting a new gift every month and it’s educational. Plus it comes with all of the supplies, which is a bonus for the organizationally challenged moms.

That’s me. No need to collect supplies or forget that one item at the store and then have a disappointed child. My son gets to learn about electric circuits and it takes no prep time for me, win win.

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Learn electric circuits for kids with this hands-on science kit that can be delivered right to your door each month, great quality kits to learn from.

The first month of Tinker Crate, we got to explore electric circuits. This was cool because my son loves creating and looking at the supplies it was a puzzle as to what he was going to make, turns out it was these cool paper lanterns.

A hands-on way to learn about electric circuits for kids and includes all of the supplies, no prep for mom

All the LED lights and even the glue sticks are supplied so that you don’t have to add  anything at all.

a wonderful science experiment for kids to learn about circuits for kids

You can see him setting them up and getting the LED lights ready. He was playing with the battery and he found that he could light them up by touching them to the two ends of the lights. This was a wonderful discovery for him and my kids just stopped and played with the lights for a bit at this point.

A fun way to explore electric circuit with these hands-on science projects all in one kit

You also get a booklet with background information on how and why the project works. This kit also came with two other mini projects that used the same principle. He created a robot with LED lights for eyes. Then you could also create a city landscape with the copper tape as well.

Those two projects surprised me because I was already so happy with the quality of the mini lanterns I thought that was it. I really love how they show you that the circuits can be used for different purposes.

And while they have instructions for each project, they always leave an open ended project where you can design your own thing, in this case it was the cityscape one.

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Cool Science Subscription Boxes for Kids

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Cool Science Subscription Boxes for Kids

Make your own constellations with this Tinker Crate subscription box, no need to gather supplies and plan anything, they do it all for you, easy peasy!

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