Cool Science Subscription Boxes for Kids

Do you have a science lover in your home? Or is science just not getting done in your homeschool? Have a monthly science kit delivered right to your door.

We have loved our cool science subscription boxes for kids because they get all of the supplies and instructions and they can get started on a science project on their own.

No need to wait for mom.

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Cool Science Subscription Boxes for Kids

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Monthly Science Kits for Kids

At one time or another, we’ve had a kids science subscription for my son or my daughter.

I did this during the summer months when our school load was lighter but this worked out since some of the projects were suited to working outdoors. Particularly the rocket and camera obscura from Tinker Crate.

Kiwi Crate

The Kiwi Crate science kit subscription from KiwiCo is geared towards 5-8 year olds so my daughter mainly worked on this one with her brother who read the instructions and helped her finish her project.

They both loved this grabby arm they made that picked up the yarn monsters.

Science Subscription box

Luckily we also got a human body kit at the same time we were actually studying the human body in our homeschool.

She sewed 3 different felt organs together and they made it super easy for her to do it on her own. She also made a stethoscope and Xrays.

There was also a checklist that a doctor could use at a check-up and she loved this.

I should really go back and sew the other organs as well. I know she would love to have the complete set.

Tinker Crate

The Tinker Crate science box is geared towards kids who are 9 – 16+ and was perfect for my 9 year old. He was able to work independently.

He had fun learning about circuits and built a circuit robot with lit-up eyes.

Tinker crate science subscription box

In the summer, my son gets into astronomy so he was super pleased to get this constellation kit.

He used these fiber optic lights to light up the constellation he created. It was really cool when it was lit up and he was so proud of his work.

The kids built a 3D viewer to look at the different images they got in the kit.

My kids loved taking the rocket outside to test it out. It did take a few trial and error but they got the hang of it and finally launched their rocket.

My daughter took the Camera Obscura out with her to see what she could see on the road. So cute.

Use the code SHARE30 to save 30% off your first month on any of the KiwiCo science subscription boxes.

They now have the Eureka Crate for engineering and design that is geared towards kids who are 14 and up. I haven’t tried this one yet but I’m looking forward to it at a later time with my son.

Green Kids Crafts

The Green Kids Crafts monthly science kit contains a number of STEAM projects that you can do on one theme.

We got an ocean science box which was really fun and informative for the kids. There were 5 projects to complete.

  • Motion science
  • Glowing jellyfish
  • Coral reef bubble art
  • Sea life rescue
  • Oil spill science

My kids’ favorite was the bubble art project obviously because of the bubbles.

It looked so cool, next time I newspapers need to be thicker or just use something else lol.

They turned out really great, so pretty!

They made this ocean sensory bottle with and balloon in it to see how fishes float in the ocean.

This ocean science kit was so fun and I loved how hands-on it was.

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More Science Activities

Make your own constellations with this Tinker Crate subscription box, no need to gather supplies and plan anything, they do it all for you, easy peasy!

Make Your Own Constellations

Show your kids how using soap works to get rid of germs in this glitter germ science experiment. You can also use it to show how thorough they need to be while washing their hands. Germs are everywhere, show your kids how important soap is to get rid of them with this hands-on germ activity.

Glitter Germ Science Experiment

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