Beach Learning Activities

Are you looking for some fun and educational activities to do with your kids this summer?

Check out my latest blog post about beach learning activities! I’ve gathered a bunch of fun and educational ideas that will keep your kids entertained all summer long.

The best part is that most of these activities are free or very affordable, so you can enjoy the summer sun without breaking the bank. And your kids will keep learning without forgetting all of their skills over the summer.

Read this blog post and find out what fun things you can do this summer.

Beach Learning Activities

Looking for beach-themed learning activities? Check out these beach-themed activities and printables!

They are perfect for kids of all ages. From letter find to “I Spy” games and dot-to-dots, there’s something for everyone. Plus, they’re a great way to learn about beach animals and their habitats.

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Recommended Beach Books for Kids

Reading is a very good activity for kids. Here are my book recommendations for a beach-themed book that kids will love.

Llama Llama Sand and Sun: A Touch & Feel BookLlama Llama Sand and Sun: A Touch & Feel BookCommotion in the OceanCommotion in the OceanThe Sandcastle That Lola BuiltThe Sandcastle That Lola BuiltBiscuit's First Beach DayBiscuit’s First Beach DayGoing to the Beach: Beach book for kids 3-5 (Sean 1)Going to the Beach: Beach book for kids 3-5 (Sean 1)Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean's Most Fearless Scientist (Women in Science Books, Marine Biology for Kids, Shark Gifts)Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean’s Most Fearless Scientist (Women in Science Books, Marine Biology for Kids, Shark Gifts)


Beach Learning Activities

Beach Learning Activities

Beach Letter Find Printable

Our first on the list is the Beach Letter Find Printable. Kids of all ages can play this exciting letter find game. Just use a timer and find out how fast they can find the letters.

Fun Beach Activities Ideas + a Printable

Make waves of learning with your kids this summer with this beach-inspired activity with a free printable!

Beach Letter Dot Printables

This fun printable is perfect for kids who are just started learning the alphabet. You can use dot markers, pom poms, or bingo dabbers for this one.

Beach Tracing Worksheets

These Beach Tracing Worksheets will help your kids improve their problem-solving skills, pattern recognition, and hand-eye coordination, all while exploring the fascinating world of beaches!

Beach I Spy Graphing Printable

If your child loves the I Spy Game, this printable will surely be his or her favorite!

Jello Play Dough Recipe: Seashell Theme

What is a beach without seashells? Now you can bring the beach inside your home with this jello play dough with a seashell theme.

Beach STEM Activities

Turn your beach outings into a fun-filled educational adventure or even bring the joys of the beach into your homes.

Beach Theme Activities for Kindergarten

If you can’t go to the beach all the time, bring the beach right at your doorstep with these fun beach theme activities for kindergarten.

Beach Theme Activities for Toddlers

Recreate a fun beach experience for your cuddly toddlers, and make them enjoy and engage with these fun beach theme activities for toddlers.

Beach Science Experiments

These Beach Science Experiments will not only make your beach day more fun, but they’ll also teach your kids valuable lessons about the natural world around them.

Beach Activities for Preschoolers

Recreate all the fun under-the-sun activities with these cool beach activities for your preschoolers at home.

Books About the Beach for Toddlers

Filled with colorful illustrations and engaging stories, these beach books are perfect for sparking curiosity and love for reading.

Beach Books for Kindergarten

Your kids will dive into a world of wonder, learning about marine life, beach safety, and making new friends along the way with these Beach Books for Kindergarten!

Beach Theme Activities for Elementary Students

Turn your kid’s fun memories about the beach into an opportunity for learning with these beach theme activities for elementary students.

Beach Books for Preschoolers

These captivating stories explore sandy shores, ocean creatures, and fun seaside adventures, perfect for sparking curiosity and imagination.

Beach Books for Kids

Don’t forget about the books! Reading is an awesome way to learn about everything and I made a great list of beach books for you to check out.

Beach Safety Worksheets

No doubt that we want our kids to be safe any time and anywhere so that’s why you need these beach safety worksheets to ensure your child knows what to do and not to do at the beach.

Beach Learning Activities

Recommended Beach Activity Kits

You can check these two complete sets from Etsy if you’re looking for a complete set of beach activities.

Grab this Beach Play Dough Kit and have your kids play and learn at the same time. You can also get a Mermaid at the Beach Crafts Box and let them show their creativity through arts and crafts.

Beach Play Dough Kit
Mermaid at the Beach Crafts Box

More Beach Learning Ideas

Beach Themed Gross Motor Dice by 3 Dinosaurs

Teach kids about beach animals and what they do with this fun game.

Indoor Beach by 3 Dinosaurs

Can’t go to the beach? Then bring the beach inside by preparing this beach sensory bin that young kids will enjoy.

Beach Gear Counting Cards by Simple Fun for Kids

Have an awesome counting activity using these printable beach gear counting cards. They’ll learn about the different gears that people uses at the beach, too.

Colorful Sand Painting by STEAMsational

Kids will love this colorful sand painting activity that enhances their creativity.

Sand Slime by STEAMsational

Teach kids how to make their own slime with this beach-themed STEAM activity using real beach sand.

More Summer Activities

Need even more summer ideas? Try one of these for more outdoor messy fun.

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Shaving Cream Sensory Soup

Marble Run Water Slide by Mama Papa Bubba

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