Frog Anatomy Worksheets for Kids

These Frog Anatomy Worksheets for Kids are such a great way to talk about the anatomy of a frog in a way that won’t gross them out!

If you’d like to help your kids prepare for the frog dissection why not learn about frog anatomy beforehand. These science worksheets will help your child learn about the frog’s anatomy and hopefully, they won’t be too grossed out when they see the real thing. At least, that’s how my kids would react.

This is a simple way to help them learn about frogs without making them feel as though they have to really get into the part of dissecting them. They can always make that choice later on down the road, if that is something that they truly want to do.

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Frog anatomy worksheets for kids

These frog worksheets are great, as well as our Life Cycle of a Frog Activity! Kindly check this one, too, if you’re looking for frog activities.

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Frog Anatomy Worksheets for Kids

I had really great success using these Frog anatomy worksheets for kids.

I think there are some great digital ways to learn about frog anatomy, my oldest would be terrified about taking the life of an animal for science. I’m a biology student and in our university human anatomy course, we had to dissect a cat. I didn’t have cats back then but now looking back, it seems horrible, all in the name of science.

I’ve known for a long time that there would be no way that the kids would want to actually dissect a frog, and I really have to agree.

My idea of teaching the kids about frogs has nothing to do with dissection, either. If I can use anatomy worksheets like these to help them understand the bodies of frogs, that’s a much better approach for me and the kids at this point in time.

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Tips for Using These Frog Anatomy Worksheets for Kids

While you can absolutely just print off these frog learning worksheets and use them just like that, keep in mind that there are other fun ways that you can use them, too.

These Printable Science Worksheets for Kids can help kids have a fun learning experience.

Go outside and look at the frogs

I’ve found that anytime we’re going to learn about a concept, it’s fun to actually get out and see that live in action as well. For this, I think it’s a good idea to have the kids go and look outside to see if they can see any frogs as well.

Take a walk around the block or visit a local park and listen for any signs that there might be frogs there.

If you’re able to see a frog, talk about the frog and what the kids have learned about them. They don’t have to touch them, hold them, or anything at all – they’re just using their eyes to look at the frogs and see if they’re able to find any out and about.

Read books about frogs

If you have any good frog books in the house, grab them and sit down and read them with the kids! They’ll love hearing a good story and you’ll love being able to have that bonding over reading.

I actually use this practice in all of our learning activities and introduce books with the same concepts. This gives the kids a fun way to connect with the stories and gets them excited about learning more as well.

Have the kids draw their own frog drawings

Since you’re going to be learning about frogs, take it a step further and have the kids draw out what they know about frogs as well. This can be the life cycle of frogs or even just a cute little frog sitting on a log.

The great thing about drawing what they see is that it encourages them to use their imagination at the same time. The more that they can visualize a topic, the more that they’re going to want to learn about that topic as well.

And once you have a lot of drawings, decorate the house or the fridge in all things frogs. You can even mail your frog drawings to family and friends as well to share in all the frog love!

Download your Frog Anatomy Worksheets for Kids

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  1. Thank you so much for the printable!! My daughter has been asking to do some dissections but I have no idea where to begin.
    I had to dissect a cat too when I was in college. It was terrible!! We had to order them and choose if we wanted a male, female, or a pregnant female. It was very interesting but It was so sad to me wondering where and how the cats came to there uncertain end.

    1. Yes, definitely a once a lifetime experience.

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