Frog Life Cycle Crafts

Teaching your children about the life cycle of a frog is an exciting way to get them engaged and learning. With my list of creative frog life cycle crafts for kids, they will be able to explore this process in a hands-on, interactive, and informative way.

Make sure to take a look at this list of Frog Activities for Kids to help your kids enjoy more lessons about frogs!

Your kids can make their own model frogs with craft supplies from egg sacks to tadpoles!

Your kids won’t just learn new facts while making these crafts—they’ll gain valuable skills such as problem-solving and creativity. Plus, they’ll have something special to display on your shelves once the project is complete!

Frog Life Cycle Crafts

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Where do you find frogs?

During the spring season, frogs begin to show up around creeks, ponds, and even your backyard. This makes it fun and easy for kids to observe their behavior and study their ecological role in our environment.

As a bonus for kids, it’s an excellent opportunity for educational exploration and getting kids outdoors!

So when spring rolls around, take kids on a frog hop – be ready with some bug nets so kids can catch frogs in a safe way and release them when you’re done observing them as part of your life cycle lessons.

Who knows? You may just have some aspiring biologists on your hands soon.

Frog Life Cycle Crafts

With this selection of books, your kids will surely be entertained and at the same time be intrigued with how frogs live and come to be the cute slimy creature we know! From reading through facts or through fictional story books, your kid will definitely cultivate a love for frogs!

Frog and Toad are FriendsFrog and Toad are FriendsNational Geographic Readers: Tadpole to FrogNational Geographic Readers: Tadpole to FrogLife Cycle Of A FrogLife Cycle Of A FrogThe Wide-Mouthed FrogThe Wide-Mouthed FrogI Don't Want to Be a FrogI Don’t Want to Be a FrogExplore My World FrogsExplore My World Frogs


No homeschool learning will be complete without the incorporation of lessons through games and activities! Get your kids active and let them participate in these fun frog games that I picked. My kids enjoyed these games and I know that your kids will enjoy them too!

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Frog Life Cycle

Do you need fun science in your homeschool? Your kindergartener, first or second-grade student will love these frog life cycle worksheets to learn all about frogs. This printable is super packed with fun activities that would engage your kids in learning and appreciating frogs!

Fun Hoppers Logic Game

This logic game is perfect for starters! With clear instructions and simple gameplay, your kids will still develop complex skills that can help them in the long run. Your kids will never get bored of this game because there are many challenges to conquer, from easy to hard, your kids can play according to their skills.

Frog Life Cycle Crafts

If you're looking for fun ways to introduce your kids to frogs, learning their life cycle is a great start! Craft projects to engage your kids in learning about frogs' life cycles and boost their creativity while they're at it!

And don’t forget to take pictures of your finished frog cycle projects – it’s always nice for kids to show off their works of art! Even if your project turns out a little differently than what you anticipated, that’s okay!

Who knew crafting frog life cycles could be so enjoyable?

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