Free About Me Worksheets

Welcome to the first day of this 5 day series of free worksheets. I’ve created some about me worksheets for those who are starting off the school year. I love seeing how my child’s writing improves during the year. It’s a great way to capture their thoughts at the time and I know I love looking back at their old work. I have a lot of work and pictures saved from my 13 year old.

I know there will come a time to go through them all and start scrapbooking it all later on. For now, get your child to work on these and see what they come up with.

Not only does it help your child work on their writing and thinking skills, but it also helps them to think about themselves as well. Plus, it’s a great activity for the memory books for you to reflect on years later down the road.

If you ever wonder what their favorite color was or who their best friend was when they were younger, you’ll have these fun all about me worksheets to look back on and know!

And now we have tons more fun printable kindergarten worksheets to share too.

All About Me Worksheets

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Free About Me Worksheets

These worksheets are perfect for starting off the school year! The kids will love being able to set down and answer the questions – all about them! We do this every year, no matter the age or grade because it’s a super fun way to take a trip down memory lane later on down the road.

I love seeing how their loves change from year to year as well. I keep all the sheets to look back on later but you can easily take a picture and save them that way, too.

These worksheets are fun and easy to print and do for the first day or week of school!

>> See these Questions to ask kids for some fun.

Recommended About Me Books for Kids

When it comes to teaching your kids the importance of learning all about themselves, why not add some books to the mix? Below are some books and even a fun reading game and activity that can help your children learn how to love all the things that make them, them!

Sit down and read these great books with your kids and talk about what you love about them, too. They’ll be more than happy to sit and hear about what you love and love sitting and reading with you as well.

These are just a few of our favorite books to talk about and they really do make for a great conversation starter as well.

 What I Like About Me! Marvelous Me: Inside and Out (All about Me) I Like Me! (Picture Puffin Books) Who We Are!: All About Being the Same and Being Different (Let’s Talk about You and Me) The Learning Journey Match It! All About Me

This one is my favorite worksheet, you get to see how they see themselves as they capture a picture of themselves and the whole family. My daughter always has to include our pets.

I love seeing each child fill out these sheets in a way that is true to them. It’s always amazing that even though the same worksheet is printed and given to each child, the outcome of each of them is totally different!

And if you want to throw a wrench in the mix, why not sit down and fill one out with some of your information, too? The kids would get a kick out of how your answers change right along with them every single year.

Who says that adults can’t change up some of their loves and wants in life? A few of the details will stay the same but there are bound to be some that are different.

about me worksheets for school

Free About Me Worksheets

The best part about them? They’re free to print and use! Don’t delay in getting your free about me worksheets today!

I like to use these worksheets at the start of each year as a little keepsake to see how their writing and preferences have changed over the years. And if you really wanted to have fun with them, you could have them do these each and every year and see how their answers change!

They’ll probably be just as surprised as you are about how their likes and loves are different as they get older!

all about me worksheets for kids

To extend this activity, read some of these all about me books. I also love having them draw a self-portrait because it’s fun to see how they view themselves.

We have fun taking their weight and measuring the height and then the siblings always want to join in. It can turn into a fun family event quickly!

You can even make it into a game if you want and print off a few extra sheets. Before the actual person fills out the REAL answers to what they like and want to be, have everyone else fill out one about them that they THINK the answers are going to be.

This is certain to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere and even bring out the giggles, too. Your kid will be amazed at what others think and it just might sprout a burst of confidence for them to be proud of themselves even more as well.

about me worksheets for the start of school

Capture your child’s favorite things and how they see themselves right now like a time capsule with these about me printables. Print them out and have your child fill them out.

You can keep these and use them every single year to have your child give their thoughts on the start of school. This is one fun back-to-school tradition that I think everyone can easily get on board with.

More Homeschool Worksheets

If you’re looking for even more fun back to school homeschooling worksheets, I’ve got you covered, Here are some other great worksheets that can help make this the best homeschool year, yet. Have fun and enjoy this time together as a family.

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