My Calendar Book Printable

This Calendar Book Printable is a great way to teach your younger children all about the concept of timing and planning. They’ll love being able to make and decorate their very own book!

I created this printable which would be great to use with a kindergarten or grade 1 student. If you have a preschooler who can do the writing then they could use this as well. I know for a fact that kids love this printable because it shows them how to stay organized and be more like “mommy” or “daddy”.

All kids want to be more grown up which is why they’ll often mimic you and whatever you’re doing. Printing off their own Calendar Book is a great way that they can take charge of what the day holds!

I love the calendar book because it eliminates all those questions about what day is it today or when are we doing so and so, they can see it on their own calendar to keep track of things themselves and develop a sense of time.

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My calendar book printable

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My Calendar Book Printable

This printable set includes all a cover, 12 months, today’s letter and number worksheets, and writing practice for days of the week and months of the year as well as a clock.

I like to put my printables in page protectors and use a dry or wet erase markers on them so they can be reused except for the calendar pages.

You can put important events into the child’s calendar so they know when to look forward to a special event like their birthday. They can learn to countdown to that date.

I love using this calendar to stay on top of all our obligations and meetings that we have year round. It’s always amazing to me how busy we truly are! The days certainly fill up fast and I’m so thankful for things like this to help me organize.

calendar printable for kids

While these Calendar Book printables are great, there are also other resources out there that you can use to teach your child the concept of time and days. We’ve had great luck with magnetic type calendars that we can hang on the wall so we see it every day. And when it’s time to interact with it, the kiddos love to move and use the magnets!

Recommended Calendars

If you like this free kid printable, don’t forget to check out the other printable options that I have to offer as well! For example, we have tons more fun printable kindergarten worksheets to share. The more that you can print them off and work with your child, the better they’ll develop those written and verbal skills.

I’ve found that when we use calendars in the house, it’s an easy way to keep everyone on task. The kids love being able to plan and also take charge of their day. Not only do calendars help with organization but they also help with giving the kids that feeling of independence and success as well.

There are a lot of great options for calendars so be certain to find the ones that show you what you’re needing. You can also find different calendars depending on the age of your child, too.

I’ve found that as the kids grow, my calendar needs have changed. This is why I like to rotate out and try new calendars because they all offer a different way of learning.

 Melissa & Doug My First Daily Magnetic Calendar Learning Resources Magnetic Learning Calendar Today Is Children’s Calendar Wall Chart by Alma’s Design – Red Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Magnetic Calendar With 134 Magnets

Every time you sit down for your morning work, you can ask your child what time it is so they can practice their time reading skills and writing them out in both digital and analog mode.

I love this printable pack because it’s really great for the kids to learn key features. When they can start in learning about time, letters, writing, and more, it makes for a great way for the kids to continue with their confidence in learning as well.

calendar printable book

I do like to put the worksheets into page protectors so that we can use them again each morning. I do find it will take a few times for your kids to get the spelling and correct letter formations of these days of the week and months.

If you laminate them, you can easily use them again, too. You don’t have to laminate all of them if you don’t want to but if you’re wanting an easy way to have them write out and work on spelling, laminating the sheets can be a great way to make that happen.

Laminating is also a great way to have the pages geared up and ready for travel. I love knowing that when we’re on the road, the kids can easily use these printables as a way to keep them engaged and learning. As long as they have markers that can wipe off easily, they’re going to keep learning and using these printables over and over again.

kids calendar printable book

Print out and put together your my calendar book today! Now is the perfect time for the kids to have their own set of learning printables that are great for early learners!

More Kids Printables

Kids’ printables are a great way to motivate them to keep learning. The best part about printables is that there tends to be a lot of options for them to learn!

If you’re looking for a fun idea for them to learn, check out some of these other great printables as well! They’re all a bit different and unique but will have the kids proud of being able to independently learn on their own!

Here are some of my other favorite printables!

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