Felt Ladybug Craft & Counting Activity

This Felt Ladybug Craft and Counting Activity are perfect for young children. It’s a great way for them to learn how to count and use their fine motor skills, too.

I made this ladybug felt craft so that my daughter could count out the dots on the ladybug’s back as she was playing with it. But I realized that she doesn’t always recognize her numbers so I made printables to go along with it.

Using ladybugs as a learning tool is the perfect way to keep their attention and have them wanting to do more. Learning how to count can be so much more than just staring at a sheet of paper and adding up the numbers or saying them out loud.

Using this felt ladybug craft is a fun visual and a way for your little one to use their hands and minds.

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felt ladybug craft

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Felt Ladybug Craft and Counting Activity for Kids

I made 3 sets of printable ladybug counting cards for this activity. Depending on which one you’d prefer, one set has one ladybug with different numbers of dots on its back, the second set has different numbers of ladybugs on each card. And the third set only has the number on it for those learners who already know their numbers.

You can choose one or use them all as a fun way to combine learning, too.

 Felt Ladybug Craft Supplies

To get started with this ladybug activity, you’ll need the following supplies listed below.

  • Black – head, dots, antennae
  • Red – body
  • Felt Sheets

This felt craft was super easy, I made the body a red circle and head half of a black circle. The antennae I cut out straight with a bulb on the end. I then cut out 15 black dots for the ladybug’s back. My printables go up to 12 but we always end up losing small pieces, so I made extra.

felt ladybug craft

I laid out the card and my daughter counted out the dots on the back and then I told her to make this ladybug have the same number of dots. She really loved this and now asks to do her math with these ladybug cards.

If you don’t want to make your own felt ladybug I added a large ladybug with dots to the printable so your child can play along as well.

Ladybug Bugs To Read

Don’t forget to find some great ladybug reading material! There are a lot of great choices out there that are perfect for adding to this fun activity. We like to read them together and then talk about what we thought. It’s also a great way to bond together over books.

We love this book by Eric Carle – The Grouchy Ladybug, it’s a great book to read about ladybugs because it’s so fun.

Ladybug Girl and Her MamaLadybug Girl and Her MamaLadybug Girl Makes FriendsLadybug Girl Makes FriendsThe Grouchy LadybugThe Grouchy LadybugTen Little LadybugsTen Little LadybugsLadybugsLadybugsAre You a Ladybug? (Backyard Books)Are You a Ladybug? (Backyard Books)

Download the Ladybug Counting Activity Printable below:

Get the Ladybug Counting Cards Here >>

Once you click on the link, the file will automatically download to the download’s folder on your device.

Have fun with this fun felt ladybug printable. It’s a super simple way to get your early learner excited about counting. The more that you can use interactive learning methods with your child, the more excited they’re going to be about learning how to count!

This is one of our favorite bug counting activities because ladybugs are just adorable! It’s fun to go outside after this and see if you can find any ladybugs, too!

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