Weather Crafts for Kids

Kids love learning about the weather. Through these weather crafts for kids, they can learn about the different types of weather while learning concepts such as temperature change, wind direction, and more!

If your kids love learning about the weather, make sure to look at this list of fun weather activities for kids.

These hands-on projects provide a great opportunity for you to bond with your kid as well. You can have lots of conversations about why certain materials are needed or how plants respond to rain so the practical knowledge goes beyond what lies in those crafts.

Collage of 4 Weather Crafts for Kids

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What elements does the weather cover?

As kids, we all dream about controlling the weather, but do you know what it is made up of? Weather is a term that many of us have probably heard before, and it covers a lot more than just hot or cold, or rainy days.

In reality, the weather is defined by the study of climate and how it impacts our atmosphere. It covers temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and precipitation levels. Even cloud formations are included in the list!

Understanding what makes up the weather can help kids gain a better understanding of their environment and get them interested about science.

Weather Crafts for Kids

Recommended Weather Books for Kids

Dive deeper into the weather and all of its terminologies with these fun weather books, your kids will love exploring the weather with any of these books.

National Geographic Kids Ultimate Weatherpedia: The most complete weather reference everNational Geographic Kids Ultimate Weatherpedia: The most complete weather reference everNational Geographic Readers: WeatherNational Geographic Readers: WeatherWhat's the Weather?: Clouds, Climate, and Global WarmingWhat’s the Weather?: Clouds, Climate, and Global WarmingExplore My World CloudsExplore My World CloudsWhen The Sky RoarsWhen The Sky RoarsWorm Weather (Penguin Core Concepts)Worm Weather (Penguin Core Concepts)


Recommended Weather Activity Kits

Books are the best main source of knowledge in today’s generation, but having an activity kit that will help your kids learn is another thing! Grab one of these items to help your kids with enhancing their knowledge about the weather.

Junior Scientist Science Study: Weather

You can go outdoors to help your little meteorologist discover more about the weather with this Junior Scientist Science Study! While going for a stroll, while walking under the rain, your kid got what it takes to become a great little scientist.

Junior Scientist Science Study: Severe Weather

Let your kids discover the different extreme weather conditions and what to do if they experience one with this Junior Scientist Science Study: Severe Weather learning pack.

Weather Science Lab Kit

With science instruments that are good all season long, your kids will not get tired of learning about the weather with this kit. Whatever the season or climate may be, your kids got a reason to learn!

Weather Crafts for Kids

If you're looking for a fun way for your kids to learn more about the weather, this is the perfect list for you! With crafts from clouds to rain, I've got somethere here that you'll love to do with your child.

Crafting with the kids is a great way to keep them entertained while giving them an interesting activity that helps stimulate their brains and creativity.

So, if you’re looking for some weather-themed crafts that are fun and interactive for everyone involved, look through this list of weather crafts!

Whether it’s having fun and bonding with the kids or engaging in conversation during the project – make sure to get everyone involved.

No matter what you choose to do, crafting can become an enjoyable and exciting journey for all ages when done together!

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