Weather Worksheets for Kids

Are you looking for a fun and educational way to teach your kids about the weather? Take a look at my printable Weather Worksheets for Kids! These engaging worksheets are perfect for young learners who are just starting to explore the ever-changing world of weather.

If you need more weather-themed ideas, check out my list of Fun Weather Activities for Kids!

The printable pack below includes a variety of activities that will help children understand and describe different types of weather. From sunny days to stormy nights, kids will learn each in a fun and engaging way.

Weather Worksheets for Kids

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What’s included in the Weather Worksheets?

Each activity offers a unique way to engage with the weather. These activities will help them develop important language and observational skills while also increasing their knowledge about the weather.

Describe the weather using adjectives

The “Describe the Weather!” activity encourages kids to use descriptive language and expand their vocabulary. This is an important step in developing strong writing skills.

What’s the Weather?

Another activity in this pack is circling the correct weather. Kids will need to pay close attention to the clues provided and circle the correct, corresponding weather. This helps kids improve their comprehension and decision-making skills.

Complete the Statement

The next activity is completing the sentence. Kids will need to fill in the blank with the correct weather word that matches the weather illustrated. This promotes sentence building and vocabulary.

Draw the weather

Children will also have the opportunity to draw the weather. This engages their creative skills, while also reinforcing their understanding of the different types of weather. By visually representing the weather, kids will develop a stronger connection to the concept. Perfect for visual learners!

Weather Observations

Finally, Weather Observations encourage kids to take time to carefully observe the actual weather outside. They will learn to identify the changes in weather patterns and temperature, making them more aware of their environment.

Observing the weather promotes a better understanding of the natural world, and encourages kids to develop a scientific mindset.

Weather Worksheets for Kids Supplies

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Dive deeper into the weather and all of its terminologies with these fun weather books, your kids will love exploring the weather with any of these books.

National Geographic Kids Ultimate Weatherpedia: The most complete weather reference everNational Geographic Kids Ultimate Weatherpedia: The most complete weather reference everNational Geographic Readers: WeatherNational Geographic Readers: WeatherWhat's the Weather?: Clouds, Climate, and Global WarmingWhat’s the Weather?: Clouds, Climate, and Global WarmingExplore My World CloudsExplore My World CloudsWhen The Sky RoarsWhen The Sky RoarsWorm Weather (Penguin Core Concepts)Worm Weather (Penguin Core Concepts)


Weather Worksheets for Kids

If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to teach your kids about the weather, these kits are perfect! Get one of these hands-on and engaging activity kits for your kids and see that they will love learning about the weather.

My First Daily Magnetic CalendarMy First Daily Magnetic CalendarBe Amazing! Toys Weather Science LabBe Amazing! Toys Weather Science Lab4M Weather Station Kit - Climate Change, Global Warming Lab4M Weather Station Kit – Climate Change, Global Warming LabSmartLab Toys Storm Watcher Weather LabSmartLab Toys Storm Watcher Weather LabUnique Kids STEAM Powered Weather StationUnique Kids STEAM Powered Weather StationNUOBESTY Wind VaneNUOBESTY Wind Vane


Weather Worksheets for Kids

Junior Scientist Science Study: Severe Weather

Let your kids discover the different extreme weather conditions and what to do if they experience one with this Junior Scientist Science Study: Severe Weather learning pack.

Junior Scientist Science Study: Weather

Head outdoors and help your little scientist discover more about the weather with the Junior Scientist Science Study: Weather learning pack.

Worksheets about the weather for Kids

I highly recommend my weather worksheets! It not only promotes learning and encourages curiosity, but it also helps children understand and appreciate nature.

So what are you waiting for? Download your copy today and let the weather-watching fun begin!

Download the Weather Worksheets for Kids below

Print these out to get your kids excited to learn more about the weather they see outside each day.

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