Weather Coloring Pages

Are you in need of some fun and educational activities to keep your little ones busy? One activity that we recommend is weather coloring pages.

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The weather is a fascinating and ever-changing phenomenon that children love to learn about. With these coloring pages, kids can learn about different types of weather while also practicing their coloring and fine motor skills.

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Weather Coloring Pages

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Weather Coloring Pages Supplies

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Weather Coloring Pages

Recommended Weather Books for Kids

Dive deeper into the weather and all of its vocabulary with these fun weather books, your kids will love exploring the weather with any of these books.

National Geographic Kids Ultimate Weatherpedia: The most complete weather reference everNational Geographic Kids Ultimate Weatherpedia: The most complete weather reference everNational Geographic Readers: WeatherNational Geographic Readers: WeatherWhat's the Weather?: Clouds, Climate, and Global WarmingWhat’s the Weather?: Clouds, Climate, and Global WarmingExplore My World CloudsExplore My World CloudsWhen The Sky RoarsWhen The Sky RoarsWorm Weather (Penguin Core Concepts)Worm Weather (Penguin Core Concepts)


Weather Coloring Pages

Recommended Educational Weather Toys

If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to teach your kids about the weather, these toys are perfect! Get one of these hands-on and engaging activity kits for your kids and see for yourself that they will love pretending to be little meteorologists.

My First Daily Magnetic CalendarMy First Daily Magnetic CalendarBe Amazing! Toys Weather Science LabBe Amazing! Toys Weather Science Lab4M Weather Station Kit - Climate Change, Global Warming Lab4M Weather Station Kit – Climate Change, Global Warming LabSmartLab Toys Storm Watcher Weather LabSmartLab Toys Storm Watcher Weather LabUnique Kids STEAM Powered Weather StationUnique Kids STEAM Powered Weather StationNUOBESTY Wind VaneNUOBESTY Wind Vane


Can kids learn from these Weather Coloring Pages?

When it comes to weather coloring pages, there are endless possibilities. You can find coloring pages for rain, thunderstorms, snow, clouds, and even hurricanes. Each coloring page can be used to teach your child about the different types of weather and the science behind them.

For example, you can use a rain coloring page to talk to your child about the water cycle and how rain is formed. You can explain to them that the sun heats the water in oceans, lakes, and rivers, which causes the water to evaporate and form clouds. Eventually, these clouds become heavy with water droplets and release rain.

Thunderstorm coloring pages are great for teaching children about electricity and lightning. You can explain to them that lightning is created by the buildup of electrical charges in the atmosphere. The sound of thunder is caused by the air around the lightning rapidly expanding and contracting due to the heat produced by the lightning.

Snow coloring pages are also wonderful for teaching children about the science of snowflakes. You can explain to your children that snowflakes are formed from tiny ice crystals that stick together in different shapes and sizes.

Recommended Weather Worksheets

Junior Scientist Science Study: Weather

Head outdoors and help your little scientist discover more about the weather with the Junior Scientist Science Study: Weather learning pack.

Junior Scientist Science Study: Severe Weather

Let your kids discover the different extreme weather conditions and what to do if they experience one with this Junior Scientist Science Study: Severe Weather learning pack.

Weather Coloring Pages

Benefits of Weather Coloring Pages

In addition to being educational, these weather coloring pages are also a fun way for kids to express their creativity and imagination.

They can experiment with different colors and textures to bring their weather scenes to life. Plus, they can also trace some words like sunny, rainy, cloudy, and more! Perfect for kids who need handwriting practice.

Weather coloring pages are a great addition to any homeschooling curriculum. They are fun, and educational, and provide a wonderful opportunity for parents to bond with their children while teaching them about the world around them.

So go ahead and give coloring pages about the weather a try, and watch as your child’s knowledge and creativity grow.

Download the Weather Coloring Pages below

Print out these coloring pages to learn more about the weather and to add them to your science lessons.

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