Valentine’s Day Multiplication Puzzles

Who doesn’t’ love Valentine’s day with all of the hearts, red and pink colors? Who needs another excuse to load up on chocolate and gifts? I appreciate any day of the year that encourages giving chocolate to your loved ones.

Get multiplying up to 30 with these Valentine’s day multiplication puzzles for a hands-on way to practice multiplying.

Multiplication can be hard for kids to grasp since they need to have a good handle on skip counting. (but when you combine it with a fun theme, the kids love doing it!)

If your child can learn how to skip count first, it will make multiplication so much easier for them. They’ll start multiplying like pros.

If you love this printable, you must see this list of Valentine’s Day Printables for Kids!

Valentine's Day Multiplication Puzzles

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Valentine’s Day Multiplication Puzzles

When I taught my kids how to multiply I told them to think as multiplying as groups.

So when you see 2×2, it’s 2 groups of 2’s.

When you go to talk about division, groups also work as well, as you’re diving objects into groups again.

But I also know that this is how it works for my brain and this is how I process the numbers to work for me. My kids caught on and use them this way, too but I think that every child probably learns a bit differently in a way that works for them.

This is why I love these puzzles. Because they not only have the numbers on them but them they also have other visuals as well. This means that the kids can see the numbers and use their minds that way and also look at the images, too.

Valentine's Day Multiplication Puzzles

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Practice addition skills up to 20 with these fun Valentine’s day color by number addition worksheets. A fun way to add math to your school day without boring math worksheets. Instead, figure out what picture will unfold after you color in each space.

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Grab this Valentine’s day play dough kit for your little one’s sensory activity. This kit includes flowers, hearts, and other toys.

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Valentine's Day Multiplication Puzzles

Multiplication Puzzles Supplies

All you need are the simple supplies below to get started.

Print out the multiplication puzzles onto paper or cardstock. Have them laminated for more durability or cover with contact paper. Cut them out and store them in a Ziploc bag to organize them.

Valentine's Day Multiplication Puzzles

If your kids love STEM activities, you must try these Valentine STEM Activities packed with exciting science experiments, slime recipes, engineering a structure challenge, and more!

Recommended Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

To extend this activity, read your favorite Valentine’s day books with your child and do a craft. Create your own Valentine’s themed sensory bin with red, pink and white rice filled with hearts. Create your own Valentine’s day cards for loved ones.

You can even continue on with the learning into the books, if you want. I always ask questions to the kids while I’m reading, and math questions are fair game, too! You can ask them if the book as 3 pages to read and they take 3 minutes each (3X3) how long would it take to read those pages.

And even if they don’t know the answer right off the bat, you can help them work through it to figure out!

Pete the Cat: Valentine's Day Is CoolPete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is CoolDay It Rained HeartsDay It Rained HeartsGroggle's Monster ValentineGroggle’s Monster ValentineLove Is: (Illustrated Story Book about Caring for Others, Book About Love for Parents and Children, Rhyming Picture Book)Love Is: (Illustrated Story Book about Caring for Others, Book About Love for Parents and Children, Rhyming Picture Book)Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (The World of Eric Carle)Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (The World of Eric Carle)Love MonsterLove Monster


Valentine's Day Multiplication Puzzles

Get your child thinking of regrouping numbers together to prepare them for multiplication.

These multiplication cards will help your child visualize the multiplication questions to help them find the correct answer.

Multiplication doesn’t have to be hard. These puzzles can help make the entire process a simple and easy activity!

Have fun with math using these puzzles instead.

Also see my Ant Life Cycle Multiplication Cards.

Valentines Multiplication Puzzles

Download the Valentines Multiplication Puzzles Below

Use these puzzles to get your child acquainted with multiplication for a fun Valentine’s themed math adventure.

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