Valentine Tracing Printables

These Valentine Tracing Printables are great for early learners! They’ll love being independent learners who can take charge of their own printables and show off their skills!

Be sure to check out my Valentine’s Day Printables for Kids for even more fun ideas.

The great part about having these tracing worksheets qis that they can have a blast while learning at the same time – and honestly, not even realizing it! They’ll be so happy doing fun Valentine’s Day activities that they won’t even mind the fact that they’re doing some “work.”

Valentine Tracing Printables

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Valentine Tracing Printables

Printables are the best. I love to have them for times when we just need something to do. The kids love to have them because they’re fun for staying busy and being able to do something all on their own.

Little Kids want to do school work like their older siblings, Print out educations printables for your little learner to do for school.

Looking for more? Your kids will love these fun tracing activities, too!

They will have a great time while practicing their pencil grasp, hand-and-eye coordination, and concentration with these themed printables.

Recommended Valentine’s Day Books

Don’t forget to load up on the books! As you know, we’re all about reading. The kids love that we cycle out the books in the house, and I do as well. Seasonal reading is really fun to do and keeps new and different books coming in and out of our house at all times.

Below are just some of our favorite books about Valentine’s Day. These are the ones that we love to read and have read many times! One of our favorite family activities is reading, and having holiday books helps with that.

We also like to plan family trips to the library to find new fun books. There are so many books to read in the world, so little time!

Harvey The Heart Had Too Many Farts: A Rhyming Read Aloud Story Book For Kids And Adults About Farting and Friendship, A Valentine's Day Gift For Boys ... (Fart Dictionaries and Toot Along Stories)Harvey The Heart Had Too Many Farts: A Rhyming Read Aloud Story Book For Kids And Adults About Farting and Friendship, A Valentine’s Day Gift For Boys … (Fart Dictionaries and Toot Along Stories)If You Give a Mouse a Valentine’s Day CookieIf You Give a Mouse a Valentine’s Day CookieLove from the CrayonsLove from the CrayonsI'll Love You Till the Cows Come HomeI’ll Love You Till the Cows Come HomeThe Invisible StringThe Invisible StringLove MonsterLove Monster


tracing printable for valentine's day

See how cute these printables are! They’re totally adorable for Valentine’s Day and are great for the kids to work on their tracing skills. Not only can they work on words, but they’ll get to draw fun pictures by tracing as well.

Have them color in the pictures for an extra added touch!

Valentine Tracing Printables Supplies

I have the HP printer 8710 but it’s not available anymore. It’s been running well for years now. Look for another HP Instant Ink-ready printer so that you can use their program to send you ink cartridges whenever your printer gets low on ink.

Recommended Valentine’s Day Activity Kits

Valentine’s Day Science Activities eBook

Get ready to impress your kids with the ultimate Valentine’s Day Science experience! Introducing the “Valentine’s Day Science Activities for Kids” eBook, packed with hands-on experiments and activities that apply the Scientific Method, allowing children to learn and develop essential scientific skills.

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here and learning doesn’t have to be a bore. Get this huge pack of printable math and literacy activities from math worksheets to alphabet puzzles.

Valentine’s Day Foam Crafts Set

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to get crafty! Grab this craft kit for your child and let their creativity run wild!

Why are tracing skills important for kids?

For early learners, fine motor skills are always important. The more that they can work on their hand-eye coordination, the better!

These printables teach them how to slow down, follow the dots, and trace. This can be helpful for them to learn their letters, write out words, and see that they have the ability to draw some pretty cool pictures, too.

valentine tracing printable

Once they get the hang of these fun printables, branch out and try some other fun ideas! They can even create their own tracing printables on their very own.

Since kids love to be natural teachers, they can make a traceable printable for you to do as well. Challenge them to make a picture using the dotted line method. They can then complete it themselves or ask someone else to do it.

I often find that printables are great for motivating kids to think outside the box! Even if this just motivates them to redo the same worksheets again, that’s awesome and will have them learning how to perfect their tracing skills.

Recommended Valentine’s Day Craft Kits

These Valentine’s Day craft kits will help your kids appreciate and love Valentine’s season more. This will also enhance their motor skills, and creativity while expanding their imagination.

24 Pack Kid's Valentine's Day Cards with 5D Diamond Painting Sticker Kits24 Pack Kid’s Valentine’s Day Cards with 5D Diamond Painting Sticker KitsHaooryx 24 Pack Tree of Hearts Valentine Craft KitHaooryx 24 Pack Tree of Hearts Valentine Craft KitDeluxe Kids Valentine's Day Cards - Heart Themed Fuse Bead KitsDeluxe Kids Valentine’s Day Cards – Heart Themed Fuse Bead KitsValentine Heart Charm Bracelet Craft Kit - Crafts for Kids and Fun Home ActivitiesValentine Heart Charm Bracelet Craft Kit – Crafts for Kids and Fun Home ActivitiesValentine Cookie Foam Magnets Craft Kit - Makes 12 - Valentine's Day Crafts for KidsValentine Cookie Foam Magnets Craft Kit – Makes 12 – Valentine’s Day Crafts for KidsWilton Candy Bracelet Kit-Valentine's DayWilton Candy Bracelet Kit-Valentine’s Day


What’s included in the Valentine Tracing Printables?

My printable Valentine Tracing Printables pack includes 10 fun-filled pages that combine tracing activities with coloring to enhance fine motor skills and promote learning through art. Each page invites children to trace a word associated with Valentine’s theme and color a matching picture, making for a delightful educational experience:

Bow and Arrow

Trace the elegant curves of the words and add color to a classic symbol of Cupid’s tool.


Sweeten the tracing exercise by outlining the letters and decorating a delicious Valentine’s Day cake.

Love Mail

Give life to the text and color a heartwarming envelope filled with love.

Love Potion

Practice pen control with these magical words and illustrate a whimsical love potion.


Enjoy tracing the festive word and coloring a scrumptious Valentine’s cupcake.

Teddy Bear

Bring the comfort of love to your page by tracing and adorning a cuddly teddy bear.


Lift spirits by tracing the floating letters and coloring a bouquet of heart-shaped balloons.


Engage in the myth of love with Cupid’s name and his cherubic representation.


Outline the fragrant word and bloom that symbolizes love and affection.


Finish with the universal symbol of love by tracing the word and coloring a heart, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

tracing printable

Download the Valentine Tracing Printables below

Don’t forget to get the tracing pages here! These are as simple as printing out and getting started! Now is the time so that when Valentine’s Day arrives, you’ll have the printables handy and ready!

You can even have these printed and ready for them as a fun and educational way to start the day! Use these printables to get them excited about Valentine’s Day! They’re so much fun to use!

Themed learning is always a fun idea! You can enjoy watching them be creative and so proud of their hard work. Encourage them to work on the worksheets all on their own and be there with them during the process.

Printable worksheets are a great way to work on their independent learning activities, too.

More Valentine’s Day Printables

Valentine’s Day Bingo Cards

Looking for a fun family game? Bingo is always a win! All you have to do is print and get started! We like to get some super fun Bingo prizes because everyone loves to win!

Valentine’s Day Multiplication Puzzles

What I love about these puzzles is that it works the kid’s brains! Teaching them how to multiply can be done in a super fun process! Use these puzzles as a way to work more on their math skills. Even though it’s Valentine’s Day, there is still time to learn!

Valentine Worksheets for Preschool

Valentines Pack from 3 Dinosaurs

Minecraft Valentine’s Day Cards by Homeschool Preschool

Printable SMORES Valentine’s Cards by 3 Boys and a Dog

More Valentine’s Day Activities

There is always time for more Valentine’s Day activities! Here are just a few others that we think you’ll really enjoy.

Valentine’s Day Science Experiments

Check out these activities! My kids are crazy about all things science and STEM, so we’ve gone through this list over and over again! You’ll find great activities that will leave the kids wanting more.

Simple Valentine’s Day Slime Recipe

Do you allow slime in your house? We do – and the kids love it! Slime is not only fun to play with, but it’s a great sensory activity, too! This slime recipe is great for Valentine’s Day fun.

Just make sure that they keep a lid on it so that it doesn’t dry out! That’s never fun, and you’ll just find yourself making more slime ASAP! Save it from the start and make it last.

Fizzy Frozen Hearts Experiment

Add this to your list of must-do’s! The kids will love seeing this fizzy science experiment and being a part of the process. This is one of our favorite STEM activities and a great way to keep their attention and get them engaged in the process!

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