St. Patrick’s Day Science Activities for Preschoolers

Are you looking for something specific this St. Patrick’s Day?

This list of St. Patrick’s Day science activities for preschoolers is just the right amount of specific you need if you’re looking for some fun science ideas for your homeschool lessons.

I know some kids dread science lessons, but I’m here to show you a list of science activities that worked on my kids to make science fun!

Don’t let your kids miss out on these fun activities you can do at your home and on St. Patrick’s Day!

If you want more activities for your kids this St. Patrick’s Day, check out my list of St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids!

St. Patrick's Day Science Activities for Preschoolers

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Why do we need to incorporate science into themes?

When it comes to teaching young children, incorporating science lessons into different themes can be incredibly beneficial. Studies show that a more hands-on approach to learning can encourage creativity and foster a love of learning.

For example, a unit on the ocean could incorporate activities such as sorting items by their buoyancy or measuring the temperature of bodies of water. Not only will this type of lesson engage children from an early age, but it will also give them the tools to examine new concepts with a scientific eye.

Additionally, it may surprise you to learn that giving kids opportunities for exploration can inspire future scientists! So when developing a curriculum for your students, don’t forget about the importance of weaving science elements into the topics you cover – it’s the perfect way to get creative and excite enthusiastic learners!

If you’re looking for more fun science activities take a look at this list of simple homeschool science experiments.

Recommended St. Patrick’s Day Books

Make sure to read any of these engaging books that your kids will love. The perfect way to learn more about the meaning behind St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick's DaySt. Patrick’s DayThe Secret Life Of LeprechaunsThe Secret Life Of LeprechaunsThe Night Before St. Patrick's DayThe Night Before St. Patrick’s DaySilly McGilly, St Patricks Day BookSilly McGilly, St Patricks Day BookSt. Patrick's Day in the MorningSt. Patrick’s Day in the MorningThat's What Leprechauns DoThat’s What Leprechauns Do


St. Patrick's Day Science Activities for Preschoolers

Recommended St. Patrick’s Day Toys

If you’re looking for ways to make St. Patrick’s Day more fun, you can use toys or accessories to wear while conducting your science experiments and activities!

St. Patrick's Day Snap-on HeadbandSt. Patrick’s Day Snap-on HeadbandSaint Patrick's Day Toy Pot o' Gold PlaysetSaint Patrick’s Day Toy Pot o’ Gold PlaysetSt. Patricks Day Tic Tac ToeSt. Patricks Day Tic Tac Toe


St. Patrick's Day Science Activities for Preschoolers

If you're looking for a fun curriculum for your homeschooled preschoolers, these science activities are perfect for your kids to engage in.

There are so many science activities on this list that you can do with your kids! Let them enjoy the progress of learning, and they can be the best preschoolers ever.

More St. Patrick’s Day Activities

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More Science Experiments

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