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Fizzy St. Patrick’s Day Science

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The kids are going to love this Fizzy St. Patrick’s Day Science activity! It’s a fun sensory activity with a little bit of messy play, too! 

Are you familiar with the baking soda and vinegar reaction? It’s so simple, but it truly never gets old. I love that it’s so versatile and can be a great experiment for all times of the year. 

E is 5, we’ve been doing activities like these since she was only 2 years old, and she still has a blast every time. Now that N at 19 months is big enough to join in, it’s twice as much fun as a sibling activity.

This time, we did some simple Fizzy St. Patrick’s Day Science with baking soda, yellow and green vinegar in squeeze bottles, and additional St. Patrick’s Day themed items.

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fizzy St. Patricks Day science

Fizzy St. Patrick’s Day Science

The great thing about this fun science activity for St. Patrick’s Day is that it keeps the kids involved. That means that this isn’t just a simple experiment that you’re going to be doing alone…the kids are going to want to join in, too! 

With how simple and easy this is, they’ll love feeling like they’re own scientists during this entire process. 

Materials for Fizzy St. Patrick’s Day Science

All you need for this Fizzy St. Patrick’s Day Science activity is listed below.

E went straight for the yellow squeezy bottle.

science for st. Patrick's day

N did a little squeezing, too, but he was more interested in the gold coins. {He already knew about them from the Valentine’s Treasure Dig he did a couple of weeks ago, but this time, he spent a lot more time exploring them, putting them into the shot glasses, and taking them out again.}

sensory fun for st. Patrick's day

Once the yellow squeeze bottle was empty, E switched to the green one – and poured the vinegar into shot glasses before pouring it out on top of the baking soda.

fuzzy science activity for st. Patrick's day

There wasn’t enough vinegar to flood the bottom compartment of the water table, and when the green bottle was empty, E started playing with the moist baking soda.

St. Patrick's Day sensory activity

As usual, her play eventually turned to baking and cooking. This time, she made “drinks”. {Yes, she always dresses herself and has absolutely no problem rocking her Santa t-shirt in February šŸ˜‰ }

science activity for st. Patrick's day

In the meantime, N decided that the activity needed pinecones. Lots of them šŸ™‚

sensory play

I loved this yummy creation E served me! There was so much excitement being able to dive into this fun learning activity! 

St. Patrick's Day sensory play

Activities like this that are easy to set up, use simple materials, and are great fun for the kids make me so happy šŸ™‚

This is such a great activity for the afternoon time when you can’t get outside to play. Or a fun way to pique their interest in science and the fun learning activities that can follow.

Even though this is great for early learners, older kids are going to want to be a part of this experiment, too! Because when it comes down to it, messy sensory play is fun for all ages! 

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